Thursday, December 8, 2011


Relationships are Friendships. You can write poem or quote about friendships. I have been thinking about a friend and I have wrote this for you.

I love you as a friend. My heart goes down when your not with me. I always dream about you and think about you when I am bored. I like to play with you and with other friends but you will always be in my heart. We love to swing and sleepovers. You are so funny and playful. When it is summer we will always play with the water. When it is autumn we will always play games in my room. When it is spring we will always pick refreshing fruits to eat. When it is winter we always my play snowball fight with our other friends.

This is the poem I wrote about you.
To Rebecca and Dante
From Turuhira

Monday, December 5, 2011

Film Festival

I was so excited watch 2011 Film festival. 
Time to go on the bus I had to look after two little kids from room 1 and 2 they were very excited. The two little children were called Lishana and Latu. We were going to Sylvia Park. As we were sitting in the Cinema we saw a extreme screen. 

My favorite highlight is watching the Billy.T movie from Room 15. Brodie had a good actor and it was very funny!! I loved Brodie when he acted like Billy.T and when he laughed that was funny to me. I love the movie I wanted to watch it over and over again.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Kawau Island

Weka birds, Tui and a wood pigeons are native birds from Kawau Island. At Camp Benzon it was very clean and the beach was very windy when I got there. On the way to Camp Benzon we were supposed to see some dolphins but we didn't. Bringing all the camp bags in it was very tiring because some of the were heavy and some were light. We were in teams 
My first favorite highlight is doing abceilling and it was very scary. Our adults were Stu and Camilla. When got to the top I was scared to travel down, so Camilla said to be confident and face my fears. As I went down I started to like it and it was fantastic. When I made it down to the end I was finally finished. "That was fun" I said to Mrs Va'afusuanga.

My second highlight is kayaking. First we had to connect our kayaks and had to switch. Then we had to kayak around the wharf two times and Then we can kayak far. Then there was an emergency something had happened to shoal. 

On the last day I asked Mrs Garden if she could take Andrea and me to go and see a Wallabies. We looked and looked but then they all ran away. When we went back and we saw a Wallabies face to face.

Concert time I loved our Performance but it wasn't good enough. I really love The Kawau Team. Finally it's time to see how came First, Second, Third or Fourth. Fourth place was MANSION and the crowd went wild. Third was KATZ and our team we wild. Second place Bentzon and lot's of cheers went on. First Place was Kawau and the whole crowd went wild and crazy.
I had a great time at Camp.

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Review about Kawau Island

I can’t wait to go to Kawau Island it’s going to be awesome. I am going to be packing my bag with lollies, biscuit and my packed lunch.  I feel really excited and I think it’s going to be fun.

Camp Benzon is where we go camping in Kawau Island and Kawua Island has different Native Species. We are travelling by a fairy and I haven’t been on a fairy before.  

Camp benzon is a very cool place because we get to see Wallabies. There are also cool trees called Kanuka, Manuka and Pohutukawa most native trees. We could look at different native things in Kawau Island.

I’m looking forward to travel in a fairy and play some most awesome activity’s. Because this is my first time to kawau Island with my friends and Helpers. I think that It would be a lot of fun doing my Favorite activity’s.

My challenge is facing people and being confident when I sing a song or Present our concert. I have another challenge as-well it’s facing the world alone and trying my best.

My conclusion is getting there and having fun with my friends and Teachers.

Monday, November 7, 2011

My favorite Singer

At home I have been listening to my favorite song. This song was called We Belong Together by Mariah Carey. She has the most beautiful voice and her tone is cool. i love singing it because I like the way she sings along with me. I wish I could go to one of her concert to watch her and her wonderful voice. Mariah Carey is like a big fan of mine.
I hope you really enjoyed it!


I was at home just looking outside when suddenly I heard a Stupendous bang. Fireworks lid up the sky. There were bright, light, and colorful colors all around New Zealand. "Wow" I sighed, I could not believe my eyes. Then when I saw my cousin come outside I went down the road. When he lid a firework One hit a car across the road, One went flying down the road. My cousin and me were laughing. It was so cold outside that I wore 2 jackets I couldn't stop shivering.

Shivering outside in the cold I saw Fireworks from far away. This was like a show from a carnival. As I was still shivering I went back inside and got a sparkle and it was sparkling. I could write my name, draw and dig it in the ground. Now it was time to go back inside and rest for another big day.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Flying in my Space Shuttle.

In space when I was flying in my space shuttle I went past Jupiter. When all of a sudden something hit me   behind my space shuttle. Did you know what it was? It was a big Asteroid. Boom bang what a hit I could not control my Space Shuttle. Suddenly everything turned of and then the Space Shuttle started to fall. I put on my suit and Helmet then jumped out. After that I was floating on Gravity. Suddenly I was standing on Jupiter. It was beautiful and Colorful. I stayed there until another Space Shuttle came up. Boom it was finally a Rocket. "Yay," I said happily "Time to go back home".


We have six people on this rocket and their names are Louis the Captain, Alisha The Manager, Cameron, Andrea, Mary and Moses and the name of their crew is Rocospacey. "Fire system operated!" said The Captain (Louis). "Fire system Operated Sir," said Alisha. Now it's time to get going on the rocket. Counting the rocket down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 Blast off! "Taking off in a rocket is freaky and going up so high, I mean it's so scary," said Alisha. "It's bazzar flying in to space," said Andrea. "Stop being stupid and get a grip," Yelled Louis. "Wow look it's so beautiful in space”. I can see Jupiter, it's so big," said Cameron, "Can I see," said Mary. "Me two," said Moses.

"Everybody out and put your suits on" said The Captain, "Yes Sir," replied The Rocospacey Crew. "Where are we sir?" said The Rocospacey Crew," We’re on Saturn," said Louis. " We have come to Saturn because we are learning about this planet," Replied Louis. " Weeeeeeee!" said Cameron “I am riding on it's famous rings and It's so cool". " Let me try," said Andrea, "I want a turn I want a turn," Squeaked Mary. "Everybody let's get going," called Louis. The Crew set off and traveled on it's long journey.

"In my calculations I think we are right in the middle of Saturn and I could see red spots," said Louis. "What are the red spots?" said The Rocospacey Crew. “ They are the Aliens,” said Cameron "Hi my name is Angelina and I am a lady," said the Alien. "Welcome to Saturn," she greeted. Each creature looked the same there, their skin is green as grass their eye's are big as earth they have 3 hands. "These are the scariest aliens I’ve seen in my life," said Andrea.

"Would you like to see my family," said Angelina, "Sure" replied Louis. " Come on then hop in cara she's my car," said Angelina. "This street is hobblelooblebubble and this is where I live," said Angelina. “Our house is made out of beautiful rocks”. Angelina introduced her family to us. Her husband is an expert at fixing spaceships, My son is good at memorising things and My daughter is so kind. I work at a restaurant.

Stay Tuned to my next Story.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Going to Willow Park!

On the first week of the school holidays I was getting my stuff ready to go to willow park for Riverside. It was my first time going on a camp for riverside. I got to see my friends and join in their group if Mr Burt said. When I got dropped off at school I saw my friends and said hi. When everyone was here we put our bags in the trailer so Mr Clark could drive them down to willow park. When the roll was finished and medicine or money was dropped of to Mrs Hamilton it was time to go. As we hopped on the bus the bus driver drove us to camp. Every girl was excited as the were talking on the bus. I was just relaxing and very happy at myself. Andrea and I were sitting next to each other eating on the bus. Finally we were there and I jumped out of the bus and went to go and run into the hall called the Rimu Room. When we got there we had some activities to do.

We had to get in groups then we had a little chat. After Mr Burt finished chatting he send us to our cabins that our leaders showed us. Then we had to run down and get our bags to put our blankets on our own beds. We had 8 beds in one cabin, Three bunks and Two single beds. When we finished we Relaxed and had a little rest while everyone was playing outside on the trampolines, playground and played volleyball outside. When the SIREN went we had to run to the Rimu Room to do our activity's.

My first favorite highlight was playing with the willow park toys and this was fun. There were so many things, these are the things that we would want to go on Green Machines, Quadbikes, swing trolleys, wobbly bikes and scooters. Out of all of the willow park toys I choose the Green Machines. I loved it because I got to drift inside the gym.

My Second highlight is sleeping. I  love it because I could rest my head and chilax. Now this was a very difficult thing when I try to sleep because it is annoying when people talk too much. At night on the first day when I went to sleep Andrea and Me were eating lollies at night time. After that Andrea and me were told of.  So we went to sleep.

My Third highlight is swimming in the beach and kayaking.  When I dived in the beach I was shivering like a penguin. "Next rotation" said Mr Burt, when Andrea and me was in the kayak I started to rock it and she screamed. Splash! Went the boat I was laughing and Andrea was shouting at me.

EATING is my fourth highlight. I love the food on the first day for lunch we ate hot-dogs and it was delicious.


At camp I have learnt that God died for our sins and We Love God. On The Third night I became a follower of Jesus.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Immersion Assembly Term 4 Week 1

This term Topic is OUTTA THIS WORLD! Another Day at school. I was excited to watch my teacher do his part. I was also excited to be back at school. On the first day I hugged all my first friends and said Hi.

Now it was time for team 4 to perform. As they were walking on stage the whole school was laughing because Mr Somerville and Mr Marks were dressed up as girls and looked like ballerinas. My friends and Me knew that they were talking about the stars. So they were singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from The Wiggles. I wanted to know about each planets from Mercury to Neptune.

In the Immersion Assembly I learned how astronauts go to the toilet and how they have dinner when they are in space. This was a funny topic that we are learning this term. This Term I am trying to behave for my teacher and Visitors. My goal for this year is improving my writing and not being slack on my work. Last but not lease I just wanna say THAT THE ALL BLACKS ARE OUR CHAMPIONS!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Message to God

Dear God,
I have learnt everything about you now. Now I have learnt about you I should obey your commands. Thank for all the things you have done and died for our sins. I would obey my neighbours like myself. I love you so much just like my parents. Thank you for letting us go to willow park. Now I am A follower for you I should obey you even if it's hard. I hope that you are always there for me. I am still Reading the Holy Bible and praying to you. I am making the right choices now you are in my hand In Jesus name,


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Richie McCaw

I have drew a picture of Richie McCaw. This photo is so cool because it is a picture of the captain in the All Blacks. This the most intallented man who has many different kinds of jobs. He is Famous in The Rugby World Cup. He is a awesome man!


Friday, September 30, 2011

Aussie Rules

Sitting on the muddy grass we had two coaches for Aussie Rules there names were called Megan and Melissa. First  we had to get in a group of 2, Zion and me were Partners. First our skills were Hand pass and it is so simple. All you have to do is get a rugby ball and pretend that you have a cone in your hand. If you have that already then you hit your hand in the curves and than it will fly straight. Our Next skill is when we had to do a Drop Punt and this is a very simple skill. You drop the ball on your leg with the X facing it. Then it will go to your partner instead of hitting it to the side.

We had two Training Activity’s which is Ninja elbows and Ninja Knees. It was so hilarious when Lola was trying to get Andrea so she can hit her Knees. This is the most fun Activity ever! Hitting each others Knees was so funny.

Playing a game of baseball but with a football was so excited. I kicked the ball but then one person in the other team catched the ball then I got out. But still my team won. Aussie rules is so fun to play. It has different skills and games to play.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cross Country Story

On Wednesday 7th September 9yrs old to the 11 yr olds went to walk down to the reserve. I was nervous but people were happy because they wanted to come first. First up was the 9yrs old girls. They were talking about something but they didn't go first. Then Mrs Garden took the 9yr old boys. The 9yr old boys went first. Then After the 9yr old boys it was the 10yr old boys. When they ran I thought that they had to pace (Jogging). Then it was the 11yr old boys and some of them paced. Next was the 11yr old girls they sprinted and when they were about to stop they started to jogged. Then it was my groups turn the 10yr old girls. I was feeling Nervous inside my brain. Suddenly when Mr Burt said GO! I ran fast  then I jogged. When I was running I could see that Tauwhare was  already tired from running fast at the start line. When I finished  Jogging I stopped and went over the bridge. I went through Bridges, Zig-zag through rocks and went up steps. This was a challenging race. When I was at the end I went past Te Rina then me and Mele had a race but Mele won.

This was a very Challenging Race on Cross Country!

Monday, September 19, 2011

About Me And My Dog

Me and my Dog have many things to do when we get together as a group of 2. We have a family dog named Toby and he is a White and Black dog who is 4 months old. He has been restricted from the Animal Control Auckland Council. When I first saw him he was the size of the palm of an adults hand. I love to play with this dog because he makes me laugh, and also I love to sleep with him because I love to keep warm and comfortable. My dog has a brother that lives just across our house and his name is called Rocky. His color is brown and he also loves to play with Toby. Toby loves to sleep with his family and owner. This is a very COOL DOG!!

Thanks For Reading!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Opening Ceremony

Waiting Anxiously for the Opening Ceremony to start I was excited. Thousand and Thousands people were there. As I was watching I was thinking about my favorite highlight. Here is some Highlights that I like in the Opening Ceremony. 

My First favorite highlight is a lady who was singing in her best voice. The song made me proud and she looked like she has been practicing for a long time. Ladies and Men were dancing. When it was finished I saw a ugly face of a Maori man doing the Pukana. “ This is my favorite part” I said to my brother.  The lady was singing in her best voice. I loved to sing the song on the opening ceremony. 

My second favorite highlight in the Opening Ceremony is when the fireworks was lightning the sky. Colorful fireworks everywhere it feels like I want to watch the fireworks forever. The fireworks nearly made me cry because this was the most improve show I ever saw in New Zealand. Fireworks was coming from the city and  Buildings. Big, Massive, lightning and colorful fireworks were all around town. “Wow!” I said to myself. Me and my brother were watching Television on Maori Channel. All Nations came from all around the world to watch the RWC and watch there Rugby Team. I really love the fireworks when they Lightened the sky like Lightning.

My Third highlight is when we got to watch the Rugby Game. All Blacks vs Tonga. Me and My Family was Cheering for the All Blacks team. I would always cheer if the All Blacks score a try. First game was very hard because I didn’t know what was going on. I am not that Interested in Rugby games. When it comes on my mum changes it when I am watching a movie. If that was me playing a game I would be Nervous because it might be my first game standing in front of thousands and thousands people. Suddenly when the All Blacks scored a try I Jumped up and down on my bed. Well I wasn’t actually jumping on my bed I was jumping on a mattress. After Jumping I sat down and watched T.V I nearly fell asleep but I promised to myself that I would stay a wake. Then the All Blacks scored another try I could see that the crowd was going wild just like me. As I was watching T.V I fell asleep. The Next Morning I woke up and said to my brother “who won” and he replied saying “The All Blacks”. So then I started to run around the house and jumping up and down.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Go All Blacks!

This Friday we are having Black out day to Represent the All Blacks because they are versing Tonga. All Blacks are very important to New Zealand. Te Rauparaha was the first man to do the haka that the All Blacks are doing. We are so proud of the All Blacks for making it in the Rugby World Cup 2011. My best player in the All Blacks team is Jonah Lomu I think that he should be captain of the team. But he isn't Playing fot the team again.


Cross Country

I am so happy that our whole school so having cross country. My Friends are so excited as well. Room 13, 14, 15 and 16 always had to run all around the reserve to practice for our cross country. Our class has been tired for a week from running around the reserve. Finally it is Cross Country. Thinking to myself I think that I am going to faint because we have to run a long way. I feel frustrated to run and scared this is a very challenging run. First i am going to pace myself then run fast as when I am at the end. I am so Nervous and scared right now. I am 100% that I am going to lose t this running Cross Country. If I lose It doesn't matter because at lease I am trying my best.

Thanks for Reading!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rugby 7's Team

Wow! I was so Happy that our 7's Rugby Team won all there games. As we saw the boys we were cheering for them to make them feel proud. They Must of worked hard for a week I thought to myself. Looking around I could tell that my friends and Brother was very excited to see them again. I loved how Rm13 put a movie together and made it funny and Cool. The 7's Rugby Team won all of there Rugby games. You are our Champions!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Fathers Day

Sunday is the most important day for dads because it is Fathers day. My famiy was very happy even my dad me and my brother was still in bed playing games on his Netbook. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and it was my Sisters, Brothers and Cousins. They came in and made noise saying happy fathers day! Then we went for a walk to my papas house so my aunty and my dad can say happy fathers day. When we were on our way we brought some food so we can have a feast. Then when we were at our papas house Me and My Aunty had to serve the food. Then when we were finished Me and My Sister had to do he dishes. After that we went back to my house and went to sleep. When I woke up we had KFC it was yummy! Then while my and my brother made our dinner we hoped in bed and Wathced Priest. It was a Shocking movie. Finally it was time to g back to Sleep. I couldn't go sleep because I was scared from watching A shocking Movie (Priest).


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Me and My Dog

Me and my Dog has things when we are together. We always play together and have fun. This dog is black and white. My dog is very talented at making people laugh. When we first had this dog called toby he was a size of an Adults palm. He coukdn't eat or drink because he was only a baby that time. As he grow up ha started being a pig because when wa very hungry. This dog is a family dog ang always get stuck when he is playing around. Toby is a boy and is vry funny when he plays with my dad. When I always with my dog he is always licking my face and bites me because I always make him angry. My dog is very COOL!

Thank for Reading!

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Zealand Infomation

New Zealand is a main country in the South Pacific Ocean. It has 3 main Islands which are North Island, South Island and Stewart Island. The Maori name of New Zealand is Aotearoa which translates to The Land of the Long White Cloud. The cities with the largest population in New Zealand are, Auckland (1,354,900 residents), Wellington (473, 700 residents) and Christchurch (376, 300). There are three official languages which are English, Te Reo Maori and New Zealand sign Languages.

The first European to make it with his crew to New Zealand was Captain James Cook. He was born in Britain. First James Cook Circumnavigated New Zealand. After Cook finished his journey he wanted to call it New Zealand and make it his. Suddenly there were Maori’s and they thought they were the first to make it to New Zealand. This was a bad situation so it turned out to be a war. In 1840 6th February there was a treaty held between the British and the Maori to settle the war.

You are so Welcome to visit us here at Point England School. Also come and see us to watch the Rugby World Cup!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One News!

On Tuesday 23rd August our class had the opportunity to be on One News! My mind was going crazy as they were recording. This was after Lunch in our classroom.
As the lady was talking I moved to another chair. As they left our class my concentration went out of my mind and I went all funny. The lady said that Room 16 would be on One News. I was so amazed and excited. When I went home I didn't have enough time to watch it at 6:00 o'clock.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taking Pictures

I love to take pictures of myself even with a celebrity. COOL! Sometimes I love taking pictures with a friend, or putting my face onto a celebrity! Funny!

Visiting Harold

On Monday the 8th of August we went to visit Harold at the Life Education Caravan. Our whole class was very excited. First thing that we had to do was to take our shoes off and put them under the Caravan so they wouldn't get wet from the horrible weather!

Finally it was time to go into the caravan. I was very excited! Lynn put us into four rows. Then it was time to relax and settle down. We had a little talk to Harold and he asked politely if we could do his homework, because it was a little hard for him to do. So we said, “Yes." We learned all about our body. Tam told us about livers and what it does for us in our body. Did you know that the liver is the size of a small watermelon and has over 500 jobs to do? The liver sorts the food and stores up the Minerals and Vitamins.

When we were talking about our body we heard a strange noise and we looked up and there were lights shinning bright. After that we looked to the right and saw a brain talking to us about where our food goes in our body. Wow that was cool!

Finally it was time to go and we were so sad because we wanted to stay for longer but we couldn’t because it was morning tea time. I can’t wait to go back on Friday!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Immersion Assembly Term 3

Another day for school Hooray! While waiting for school at home I hardly couldn't wait! As I came to school I was excited to see my friends. When school started the whole school went to the hall but room 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 walked down to Tamaki College for their Tech time. As we went inside the hall we were given a ticket. I was wondering what it was when suddenly Mr burt said that we could use it to buy a treat like a Drink, chips or hot chips and sausages! When the show began we had to watch the teachers dance. At the end we were to that our topic was called 'Keep Your Eye On The Ball'.

My favourite highlight was when the teachers in team 4 got to choose a player so they could feed the teachers weet-bix. Did you know that the All Black players eat 10 Weet-Bix, 2 Litres of milk and a Dozen pieces of toast a Day? I'm not sure if that right!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Favorite Holiday Highlight!

My favourite highlight from my holiday is when we went to the movies, to celebrate my cousins 4th birthday. She was very excited. We took a train to Sylvia Park. On our way there my cousin said to my Dad, “It is my birthday!” He replied, “Your birthday is actually on Friday”. Finally we were at Sylvia Park. It was very cold but then I was sprinting to get warm and hot. When we went inside it was like a concert or a party. We were walking and I saw so many fun activity’s. After that we went inside the movies and got some tickets to watch Cars 2 but the theatre was full and packed with people, so we had to get some tickets to watch Kung Fu Panda 2.

When we finished getting some tickets we went to valley girls because my mum wanted to see her cousin who's name is Jessica. When we finished talking to her we went and got some food to eat in the movie. As we were walking along we were late. So, we had to rush because my Dad forgot to tell us what time it was. As we got in the theatre the ads had already started. After the ads were finished the movie started to play. The highlight in Kung Fu Panda 2 that I liked was when he was onto a roof and he was speaking in a language which no-one could understand. As he was going down this statue called the fire breathing dragon, which is a very powerful object that can fire hot rocks that will turn into lava.

After the movie finished we all went back to Glen Innes for a well deserved evening off!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who am I?

I am a Singer. I have a sister called Solange. I sing Best Thing I never Had. I am Married to Jay Z. I have a nice voice. I have lot's of Fans.  I am a Lady. Here is a Photo of me with My Sister.
Comment me If you know Who I am????

Friday, July 8, 2011

Something Really Naughty!

One night as my mum was at work I had a plan and asked my brothers "Should we play a game of blind fold?"They said, "Yup". I said, "Are you sure?" They replied, "Yes!" So then the game began and I was the first one to be blind-folded. When we finished playing Blind-Fold we started jumping on my Mum's bed. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and I quickly hid under the bed and my Mum stormed in  screaming her lungs out. So we had to do what our Mum told us.

My Classroom Reseaches.

This is a Slide-Show that I am working on at changing my classroom in to a better classroom that it was Before.

Hope you enjoyed it!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


On Thursday 30th June Room 15, 16 and 17 went on an exciting trip to MOTAT. We drove on a bus, it was a very long trip. As we were at MOTAT we met up with a man called Frazer, he showed us many things and took us for a tour. We went to the lunch train right in the middle of Motat.
Tauwhare's sister was a helper, in her group was Tauwhare, Te Rina, Melvin, Tevita and Me.

My favourite highlight is going in the Tactile Dome. It was a mysterious dark room that you can’t even see a thing. When they told us to go I was so scared that I was freaked out, Andrea kept screaming at us. It was challenging as I went through the Tactile Dome. When I was nearly at the end I was crying because Te Rina, Tauwhare and Andrea left me behind and as I got my way out through the exit, I was still crying so my friends hugged me make me feel better.

My second favourite highlight was going in the Mirror Maze, it was hard to get out and I bumped my head while everybody else was running and screaming trying to get out. As I got out I took a deep breath and went through the mirror maze again. I had no clue where I was going. I went on my third time and it was challenging on the way out. On my fourth time I got around it and made it out again, because I practiced, practiced, practiced which makes me perfect at doing it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Netball Games On Tuesday After School.

I am Excited about Playing Netball Every Tuesday After School. I think Netball to me is way fun Because I love Shooting the ball in the hoop. I use to be a Goal Attack (G.A) But now I am trying out to be a Goal Shoot (G.S). Maria Tutaia is a big fan to me because she is good at shooting the ball in the hoop. I also have a friend called Jay-Lee she is good at shooting the ball in the hoop.

A Frightening Story

On my Birthday when I turned ten. Me, My mum, My dad went on a camp to the Forest. This was a Rain-Forest because we flew to Queensland. I was amazed and excited to be in a Rain-Forest because it had been wet for a long time.As we were to the bushes

Something Brushed up my foot and my Surprise turned into Horror as I looked Down and Saw a vicious Scorpion I screamed hard out that my mum came to me and saw the scorpion on my leg that she fainted and fell into the bushes. When my dad came he fainted as-well and here’s my screaming my lungs out.

I tried getting a long stick and it didn’t work. I tired hard but I didn’t get any ideas all my ideas were useless. I shake my leg and it came of and then I woke up my mum and my dad they said “What had happened to us?” and I said “There was a scorpion on my leg and you guys panicked the fainted”. Mum and dad yelled "AHHHHH A SCORPION”. So they bumped into each other and fell into the bushes again. I had to wake them up by making them cool down with a leaf and so they woke up, mum and my dad said “What had happened to us?” So i said “nothing come on let’s go and have lunch” and my mum and dad said “Okay”. My brothers was at my uncles playing with my cousin on his Play station 3.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tallest Tower Animation

Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy is a movie that we watched in Room 17.
The characters in this movie are Partly Cloudy and a Stork that worked with him. This movie was set high up above in the clouds. It all started when lots of Storks were holding bags and when they open it out comes a Baby, Kittens and Dogs. The main action in this story is when the cloud makes sea babies but they are mean to the Stork. The Stork was always getting hurt by each dangerous animals that Partly Cloudy makes. When the story was about to end Stork went away from him and he got angry so Lightning came out of his cloud and he looked at the Stork he started to cry but when The Stork came he stopped crying. When The Stork opened the bag it was a Baseball Helmet and a Baseball Suit and the cloud was so happy. Partly Cloudy made an EEL and it shocked The Stork but he Didn't care. My Rating for this story is 10/10. I rate this rating because it was amazing and funny.
Click on the Picture of the Cloud.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rippa Rugby Tournament

On a exciting day we were getting change for our tournament game I was excited about this tournament. As we were getting change most of the girls were so happy to play. In my head I was nervous and shaking. Me and my friends got changed than went out to play a game of masters (A netball game). All the rugby boys were running around getting hot so when they walk they don't get cold. Finally we had to get ready to walk down to Dunkirk. We had to sit in the breeze waiting for our coaches. First we had to call the roll to make sure everyone was here. After the roll we all had to line up in our teams to know that we were organized and set ready to go down to Dunkirk. Now we all had to go down to Dunkirk.

All of us were set to go down. We walked all the way down to Dunkirk. We crossed roads carefully. Saw dogs on the way, saw beautiful houses even Mr Burt's house it was lovely and we saw his boat as-well. Me and my friend Laita were talking on the way to Dunkirk She said that she was excited to play on our first game. Finally we were there we got told to take our shoes of because we were playing in bare feet.

Than our first game began and most of the girls were so nervous but we knew we were going to beat Bailey Rd because we believed in our selfs. Suddenly the game began. We dogged and step-side the girls in Bailey Rd and scored a try. We twisted and turned to get a score and used our targets. After a while we had another Try. Our school won 7 points and Bailey Rd scored one so we won by many points. As our game was finished we were all happy that we won our first game. So we had a Break for a minute.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


GIMP is a tool that I use to edit my pictures like BEFUNKY. Gimp is fun to use on Netbooks. If you have a Netbook you might want to try it out here are some results.

H20 Just Add Water

Every weekdays I love to watch H20 Just Add Water. It is a program about Mermaids. This is a very fascinating program to watch on Channel two. This h2o Just Add Water program has many problems that they have to solve. Mermaids on this program are helpful to people who needs help or who has a situation about something. As it Finish you might want to watch it again.

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Befunky pictures

I have been going on Befunky. BeFunky is a cool website to decorate your pictures. I love to go on BeFunky every-time I take a picture of myself. You should try these websites out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Emersion Assembly

On the first day of term 2 we had an exciting Emersion Assembly. Our topic for this term is BIGGER, BETTER, STRONGER and FASTER. Suddenly there was a strange and weird noise coming from at the back. Every one at the back of us were wondering who was Darth Vader from Star Wars. It was Louder, Stronger, Bigger and Better. As it came in to the Hall we knew who it was. It was our Principal Mr Burt wearing a suit that was Darth Vader and a Mask as-well.

Suddenly the show began, each team had to stand up and performed about our topic for this term. First team was Team 1. Looking in the lunchbox was yummy, healthy food to eat. The team one teachers got out the yummy, healthy food and shared it with us. As it came to our side Dante tasted the sandwich, she said it tasted nice. I wanted one because she said it tasted nice. When that show finished it was time for team 2.

Team 2 had a funny show, how to make things better then boring things . When there was a funny noise it was a song that was cool. After that the magician was dancing which made it funny. They went to get things out of a rubbish bin and put it in a magician machine. The part that I liked was when they pulled out a normal hat out of a rubbish bin and they put it in their magical machine and out came a cool hat. I was shocked.

Next was team 3. Their team were alright to me, but I really need to wash my hand, Nah just joking! Miss Walters was funny the way she danced. Here comes the water spreading everywhere, they were very clever.

It was time for my favorite team it was team 4 especially Mr Somerville and Mr Marks. Mr Somerville used a power duster out of a drill. Looking at Mr Marks powerful robot arms would take lots of work at making it with cardboard.

Wow that was a great show on things that are Bigger, Better, Faster and Stronger.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Tallest Tower

What an exciting day on term 2 we had to build towers out of thin papers. We had the opportunity to work together or we could work alone. As the competition began our equipment was nine pieces of paper, a strip of sellotape, scissors and glue.

I was sweltering because I had no way to make a tower out of my equipment that I got. Suddenly I had an idea. As I was working (trying to get it right) it got messed up, because it was getting windy outside. I was trying to work something in my mind. So I worked hard trying to get it right to make it Bigger, Better, Faster and Stronger. My partner was myself because I wanted to work alone. It was hard with everyone screaming. trying to figure out a way to make a tower.

I have been studying ways to build a paper tower out of paper and make bridge out of straw. We had to use triangles to make the tower Bigger, Better, Stronger and Faster. I think our topic so far is alright to me. I love studying about inventions so far.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bigger, Better, Stronger, Faster

Here is a slide-show of us. We are trying to make a tower out of paper, glue, a strip of a tape and scissors.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tornado in Northshore Auckland

One normal day in North-shore nothing happened it was just a busy day. Cars were around and things were going alright. People were just having a good time working hard. Kids were playing with there mates or getting picked up by there guardian.

Suddenly there was a terrible sound, everybody was frightened. Did you know what it was? It was a tornado twirling around faster and stronger. The tornado destroyed lots of buildings that teared of roofs from work shops. After the destruction it was a disaster. People were hurt and cars were damaged from trees. Houses, buildings and work shops were destroyed. This disaster struck lots of mess and destroyed many buildings.
We love you North-shore Bless who is hurt.
Thanks for reading my story.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 1-Term 2 Basic Facts

This term and last term we had been working on our basic facts. Here is some results.

My favorite Milkshake

My favorite Milkshake is chocolate. It has lots of flavor that you can't even make it. Just imagining that you have one and you won't share it with your brothers, dad or mum even your cousins. After that I begged my mum to to buy me a chocolate milkshake. So she did so she could calm me down.

As I finished drinking it was time to go home because it was getting dark and it was also cold. When we got home I jumped straight into bed and waited to have a new beginning for tomorrow.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Favorite Highlight of my Holiday

My favorite Highlight of my Holiday was when we get to go to the library. The first thing that we did was jump straight on a computer. As I went straight on a computer I played on games with my cousins and friends. After that was finished I listened to music on You-tube. Finally it was time to go off because we had to go back home to Celebrate Easter.

As we got home I saw my little cousins playing outside. I went out and started playing hand-ball with my Cousin, my Uncle and my Dad. Suddenly it was time to go and have dinner and watched movies. When it came to an end it was time for us to go to sleep for another big day. as we were saying Good Night to each other it was quiet and silent.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

MY favorite Wrestler

My favorite Wrestler is Snooki because she used to be on Jersey Shore. On wrestling I always watch her fights every moment when it is on. I love Snooki as my Big Fan. I would like to see Snooki at one of her fights but I don't I just watch it on sky.

My Favorite wrestler out of the boys is Jhon Cena he so big that he can lift up the bigshow. As I was watching his fight against The Rock. They really putted on a show. I think Jhon Cena should be my next big fan.

Well Thats the end of my story. Thanks for reading my story.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My favorite song

My favorite song is Price Tag because it is simple to other songs. I love it because we did it for our camp concert and I thought to myself that it is amazing and cool. I think that our dance to my favorite song is cool and hot. Dancing to it in front of my parents and other people I was frustrated.

I THINK MY FAVORITE SONG IS HOT. Click on the picture of Jessie J where I got the photo from.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Dinosaur Story

Million Years ago in Dinosaur world was a Dinosaur called Brachiosaurus who had a baby, it was a beautiful girl. Brachiosaurus was a stegosaurus that was huge, it lived about 145 to 150 million years ago. Brachiosaurus lives were hard, even with her family. She lived in the forest with a million other Dinosaurs. She had plates and armour which protects her and her family. As she was getting older and her baby was getting bigger. Her mum died when her baby was a ten year old. Her name was Dilophosaurus as she was sixteen she find her own house in wellington with her dad.

One hot sunny day when Dilophosaurus went out shopping people were scared of her she wondered to her self why am I so scary. Until she heard ahhhhhhh it’s a Dinosaur a real Dinosaur she looked at herself ‘oh’ I said ‘I am a Dinosaur’. As people were screaming their lungs out a loud voice was heard I looked out and it was big. She got her phone and rang her dad, when her dad picked up the phone they started talking on the phone. She was talking fast so her dad didn’t understand and her dad asked to “slow down her voice”, and she said ‘THERE IS SOMETHING BIG AND HUMONGOUS’, Then her dad said ‘I am coming hold up’ then he ran and hanged up the phone. Dilophosaurus was shocked and nearly had a hard-attack. As her dad was here the fight started.

As they were fighting Dilophosaurus dad who was called Allosaurus started pumping blood in his Armor and plates witch was beaming. With a whack the T-Rex went to the floor so hard. After that Dilophosaurus was on her way leaving she was starving all she ate was water and leaves she was a vegetarian. As she said to her self wow that was a big and exhausted day for me. As her dad came in he came in with a big smile.

The disaster in japan.

In japan their was a 8.9 tsunami that caused lot's of damage and was very dangerous. People were so scared about what they heard on their television. As we heard it as-well we were worried about them, seeing the look at our faces. Then when we saw the tsunami coming in, it damaged houses people were driving in their cars but there was no way to get out because it was a island.

As the tsunami was finished it struck lot's of damage and everything was swept away and the island was damaged so hard that each building were collapse on the japan people.
Bless all those how is damaged, hurt and maybe dead.

Monday, April 11, 2011

All about me.

Click on these photo's to see were I got the photo's from.

Hi my name is Turuhira and I am a year 6 student, I am 10 year old. My best friend is Anahera
But she is in a different class, me and her were best buddies when she started school. We always hanged out every lunchtime and morning tea. I am in Room16 My teachers name is Mr Somerville He started learning at our school this year but he is not going to stay here for long because he is going to leave school next year.

This year my goal for writing is making my paragraphs interesting.
Why- So people can say "Wow what interesting pargraphs" Thats why.

I am taking charge at looking after my responsibillity and my belongings.
My topic for this year is being kind to ohters like being respect to everyone.

This year so far is awsome even my teacher. Our teacher has been so kind to us like we had been respectful to him.

Here is some photo's of our class here is my funny teacher.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Embarassment.

On a hot sunny day in 2007 when I was little we were swimming in a little pool, which was mine. Me and my brother were playing tiggy. We both went inside chasing each other around. Then I ran outside while I was pointing at my brother. When I turned around I banged myself into the fence. It hurt so much that I cried. My face was red and then I fell to the ground. My mum and dad were so worried that they took me to the hospital. When I opened my eyes I saw them with funny faces and started laughing.

Next time when I do something like that I should be looking out were I am going.

The thing that I don't what to get embarrassed about is doing a fart in class even if you need to do a fart. If I do a fart in class people would be laughing and that would make you fell really embarrassed!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Big Small

Today I made a neoformix t I did this for my activity. This is awsome you can do it as-well.

Just click the photo.

Message Hop

I made a Message Hop of my Recount we did this for our teacher for a day. Teacher for a day is when we get to choose what we learn about.

Click On the photo of me and my friend to see it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Making a Link

This is a photo I uploaded and added a link to it to show where I got it from.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Camp Acrostic Poem

S leeping in our tents
K ayaking out on the beach
A game of dodgeball at the YMCA gym
T aking trips for activities

E ating food

L ike going to skate-land
A Great time
N apping while having lollies at night

D oing a performance for our group

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Wednesday is coming up and I am really excited to go to camp. I want to share a tent with my friend Mary V because she is in my group. Our group is called Fully Charged. We can do different activities with our group. I think that our group can respect our leaders. I like camp it is very fun and I want to sleep in tents.

I want to go on activity's because it is really fun. We get to go skate-land and other rides that we do for our activities. I really like kayaking with my mates. I think our camp is going to be fun for this year.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spongebob Is Cool.

Sponge-bob Is a very fun program to watch after school. Every time I come Home after school my cousin watches it all the time. She thinks it is funny I think it is too. I always run home after school to watch it. Do you like it? Well I do as-well. I think that Sponge-Bob is real because I see him on t.v sometimes.

My second is Simpson I watch it after my homework every-time it comes on. When it is finished I have to go to bed. I use to watch it Last year on Channel 3. It use to come on at 5.00 o'clock After the news.

These are my Favorite So Far. This is a Wordle that I made about Sponge-bob.

If you want to use create you a Wordle you can Click Here

Friday, March 4, 2011

Puma Shoes

Puma Shoes are my favorite shoes. I love them because they are cool. I always wanted to wear them even when we go to the Number One Shoes. They even suit my fittings, they are cool. They are colorful and pretty too. They have pretty linings in them.

Nikes are my second favorite shoe. They are like puma shoes but different as well. I like Nike and Puma shoes they are the same but nice. My brother has lots of shoes because he gets money from his dad.

Nike and pumas are my favorite shoes in the world!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This is my own wordle that I made. This wordle is all about me and my family, friends and sports.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Holiday

Wow! My favourite thing about my holiday? Is when I went to spend the Christmas with my dad, in Tokoroa. It was a long trip to go to my dads house.

The first thing that we were going to do was to drop of my auntie to edgecumbe were my aunty Joe live with her children. As we got there I was excited to see my aunty and cousin it was my first time. I was playing on the X Box 360 while my dad and my stepmother was talking to my auntie Joe.

It was going late, so we went to my nana's and Uncle's house. But first we had to get us dinner because we were starving like a pig. As we finished we had to clean up.I was tired so Me, my dad, my stepmother and my little sister and brother went to sleep.

The next day we went to tokoroa to my dad house. We went over Hills through tunnels and going around circles. When we got there it was a big house. But lots of rubbish. It had a big background and a big shade. Inside was 4 bedroom.

The next day it was Christmas. Until I opened my eye my brother was opening his presents while we were a sleep. For Christmas I got a MP3 player, a phone and 100 dollars , I was excited and happy.
For dinner we had drinks, meat, hot chips, lollies and gravy.

Until it came to desert I was already full. My stomach was full of food. When the cake came out i could smell the cake it smelt like choclate so i ran trying to beat me litte sister and brother. I was the first person to sit on the table.

When it came to new years I had to go back home. It was a long way as well and my brother and sister were Annoying. So I went to sleep. When I woke up we were nearly there I was so hungry so we went to buy us a feed. We had Burger king.

As we got there my mum wasn't there she was gone. So we went to my cousins. When we were in Glenn Innes I saw them they were going to my aunty's house. Then it was going dark so we went to my house and my mum was there. Then my dad had to go I said "Bye dad", and he said "bye". This was the best holiday!!

Superhero Girl

Hi my name is Superhero Girl. I have super strength that makes people happy. My mum told me that I was a superhero. I was excited! I dreamed to be a superhero it was all I wished for. My Mum gave her strength to me because she was getting too old. I love my costume I wear stockings, t-shirt and boots. People think I'm evil but I'm not. I'm good just like my mum.

My villain is Volcano boy and I have to put him in my secret jail place with all the bad people. I am 10 years old and I go to Point England. I have learned my super powers fast. While I was doing my homework I heard a stupendous bang and I also heard people yelling ‘Superhero girl HELP!” I was frightened that my people were hurt. I got up and spun to change into my costume. I went outside and it was Volcano boy. He always picks on us and he said ‘’I am going to destroy this planet and it would mine forever," then he laughed weakly.

So then the battle began. We were the most powerful superhero’s on earth. We fought and fought. Until I took a big fist to volcano boy and he fall onto the ground. I told all the people to hold on to me because he was going to blow up. Then “BOOM” the people were frightened.

From that day on we lived forever and no troubles came and families were happy.