Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Summary about Monarch Butterflies

Colourful Monarch Butterflies are the most beautiful insects in New Zealand. They were first discovered in Australia in 1871 and also found in New Zealand in the 1800. Monarch Butterflies can migrate up to 2,500 miles so they can get out of cold weather’s.  

Female monarch butterflies can lay one hundred eggs on one plant. Caterpillars drink milkweed to help them live and hatch out of their cocoons to turn into a beautiful Monarch butterfly. Monarch has 4 stages in their life cycle but most people think they have two. Butterflies start out as a egg (caterpillar), then hatch into larvae (a caterpillar), and then wrap up in the cocoon, and then they go through the metamorphosis into a butterfly while they are in the cocoon.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The end of the year Reflection

Being a year 7 was great! Having a chance to use netbooks instead of book and pencils. What I really enjoyed this year was to spend time with my friends, and also with my teacher Mr Harris while editing my stories. I love room 19 because mostly everyone I know is kind and funny!


What I am expecting on 2013

When I become a year 8 , I would do as many sports I can achieve in. I would also listen and respect my new teacher at Point England School. So when I go to collage I am ready to learn. At Point England if I had a chance to change the school I would, by cooperating with my friends.

I would love to be a leader to show that I could be a awesome leadership and work as a team!

2013 is the last year and I'm on my way to collage!!

Telecom Christmas Tree lightning

Some kids from our school had the opportunity to go to the Christmas telecom tree lightning!  We got to bring our Parents with us, I came with my mum and dad.

My Most favourite was when we saw TITANIUM!! I was so happy, that I asked if I could have there autograph's. I also got to hug most of them, it put a big smile on my face!

I also would like to give a big thank you to Karyn and Courtney for letting us have fun at the Christmas Tree Lightning!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Year 7 Team Building

Waiting in the hall, we got into teams I was in a group with Gabriel, Melvin, Samara, Elizabeth, Jesiah, Studamyer, Heremaiah, Tui and I. Our first task was to build a Chritsmas tree, with at lease newspapers, assorted papers, sisscors, tinfoil and selotape. Our group was focusing on Co-operating together and using teamwork. As our team were working their were enthusiam.

Our next task was to sing a Christmas carol, it was really fun! This was my favorite time.

Monday, November 26, 2012

My top 2 programmes

My 1st programme on my list is Shortland Street. This show is a drama but is in Auckland and also a really cool programme to me. Mostly all of my family members watch Shortland Street.

My 2nd is Spongebob Squarepants, this cartoon show is really funny. I love it how it's cartoon and I can really understand it.

Presentation about Mammoths

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I have created a presentation about Mammoths!
I hope you enjoyed it!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Mount Tongariro!!

What a nightmare! Officially Mt Tongariro has erupted for the latest time. It recently erupted in Waikato, on the 21st of November 2012 after 1:30 pm. This Volcano spewed ashes and now the ashes are drifting to the east-south east. There were a large number of people on the mountain today, many completing the Tongariro Crossing, and it is believed everyone is safe.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I have been finding out information about Mexico.
I hope you love my presentation!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giant oil spill

In Mexico there was a giant oil spill on the 16th of November 2012. There were around Eleven workers who died in this disaster oil spill. I would like to praise to these who had suddenly died in this event.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Our Class Room 19 had the opportunity to swim in the pools. We did heaps of activity's and competition's it was really fun!

After we finished swimming we get to splash in the water and have free time. Swimming at our school is great!!

Obama Re-Elected as President

On the May 25th 2012, in the United States of America, Obama has recently beaten Mitt Romney at becoming Term 2 US President. If you wish to become president here is how you do it -
To win the job as president, each candidate was looking to get 270 college votes out of a possible 538.

Film Festival

Our Movie FROM THE INSIDE was entered in the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Our 2 presenters were Hosannah Stefano and Naomi Makita, they were really awesome at saying our classrooms speech. I was really proud of them because they stood up and said it with pride.  
My favorite Movie from the film festival was Room 18. There clip was really funny when they did there facials.
Finally my second highlight was Tamaki Collages clips. They really were funny at how they edited the movie, even when they did The One Direction song.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Henry's Disaster

Ball Popping by the evil woman.

Henry was playing outside with his friend. When suddenly the ball went across the road, Henry and his friend didn't want to go and get the ball because there was a evil woman who lived there. "I....I,I,I don't want to go and get my ball" Henry shivered with fear.

The Lady walked outside and popped the ball. Henry was so sad that he walked inside his house sobbing, he said to his dad "That was my favorite ball". So his dad told him "I know how to cheer you up, lets go and get you another ball". So henry and his dad went to get him a ball just like the one that the evil woman who popped the ball.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Across the big town riding on my skateboard. I was finally at the skate park , on a nice sunny day. I could hear people voices and so I followed the voices. The strangers led me to tgis enormous pipe.

I was swifting along on my skate board when someone yelled “HELP”! The boys name was sam, his face had been scratched along the hard concrete. I ran through town asking for help, this stranger came with me and rang the ambulance.

I went with sam to the hospital and he told me his parents number. As I rang they were devastated when I told them the news. His parents came straight away, I was waiting for them and they were finally here. They went straight in and was really subdued when they looked at Sam. They were very pleased when I rang them straight, so they gave me a reward of $50.00.
I went home with a big smile!

Monday, September 24, 2012

End of an Era

This amazing shuttle flying, not to space but to a museum!
On the 21st of september, a space shuttle has flown to the museum.

This is the last  NASA’s space shuttle carrier aircraft has flown. The NASA space shuttle carrier aircraft, built it to modified 747 built specifically for ferrying shuttles across the country.

It’s first flight is Los Angeles. Next month it will go to California Service Centre. As it’ll display itself for space fans!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Photo

It’s time for a family photo. Getting all together, celebrating this special occasion.
At the beach greeting each other. Happy to see each other. Looking for my cousin, there she is at the playground.

Mum calls me to set up the table. I could smell the delicious chicken, steak, sausages and salad. What a feast! I’m hungry now. Everybody gathering around. Time to say the prayer now. Munching out on the beach.

Running in the water. Brrrrrr, it’s very cold! Jumping in, my family splashing water around. My uncle took me for a ride on his boat, don’t forget to put on your life-jacket he warned.

We were finally home. What a day, with a big smile! I went to my room, and finally went to sleep with my cousin.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Netball is a famous sport to girls but the main thing that's tiring is exercise. Rugby is my second favorite sport it’s so famous that we also won the world cup!!!!!  

Netball is a great sport for girls, I love it because we get to have fun. It is a ball sport between each team, it only has seven players on the court for each team. The coach would only allowed the players to hold the ball for three seconds before passing or shooting a goal. Netball games are only 60 minutes long so this sport is a lot of exercise.

Rugby is based on running with the ball in hand and passing to the player in your team. It is also a tiring sport that contains exercise and a lot of training. First we have to practice, practice, practice then it’s perfect. It was created by a special man William Webb Ellis.

Volley-ball is a fun sport.Volleyball is used with a net, and a ball. It is a big sport that is half a court. I love people playing and it is also a funny game.!

Visiting Horald

We have 3 weeks to visit the life education, our class had the opportunity to visit a new lady Angela, she was a new training guest.
Firstly we had to sit in 4 rows, going inside was extremely cool. 

My Favorite highlight was Making Choices, Thinking about influences on smoking, which side we would choose, Negative or Positive. We’ll I would always think positive and be Assertive not Passive or Aggressive. This had made me happy, so I know that when someone ask me do you want a smoke I would answer “no I won’t and guess what you are ruining your body”.

My second favorite highlight is how drugs can effect our lives. All I need to know is that drugs are very dangerous. I would not take one because I would ruin my body. This is a big time to be thinking should I really smoke or remember ‘no’ it can destroy my life.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Smoking can cause a lot of danger and disease. One reason is that you can have bad cancer.  Once you start smoking for the first time you can really get addicted.

The Influences between smoking is that it can affect your bodies. Such as your lungs, heart egc. Nicotine has a bad influence in smoking, or a reason nicotine is in smokes and the nicotine inside is affecting the organs in your body, which can be very difficult to control your body even your brain.

Tobacco AKA (as known as) cigarette or smokes can be dangerous. When you smoke you can have a chance that can cause up to 90% lung cancer in males, a 80% lung cancer in females who smokes. Smokes has bad bacteria and chemicals. I have learn that if I smoke I could have a chance of dieing.

My Opinion is that you should stop smoking and save some money for something you really need in your life.

Thank you Hosannah for reading my story!

Monday, August 27, 2012

New Zealand Soldiers Remains in Afghanistan

New Zealand forces have now been put in Afghanistan till 2013.

On 21 August 2012, John key reported a video to people who are watching T.V that already 3 New Zealand soldiers have died in a four vehicle convoy, that was hit by a bomb on the side of the road. Also they are using an explosive device, AKA I.E.D that would kill them.
An I.E.D is also known as a side road bomb, this bomb can be home-made. An I.E.D can be almost anything with any type of material and initiator. 

Thank you Dante for reading my post!

Monday, August 20, 2012

An Awesome Experience

On Friday we had Cross Country at Point England School. Our whole school were in their ages and all gathered up out in the court next to the big field. We had different colours Te Arawa (red), Tainui (blue), Mataatua (green) and lastly Takitimu (yellow). My team was Te Arawa and our two captains Matthew and Awina. Firstly we had team cheers for all ages from 1-10, now it was the 11 year old students.

Starting at the line of cross country, we had to listen to Mr Burt for some instructions. But there was one thing, only little children from older children can only compete. With a Stupendous bang, we were off it was really muddy and some of us were unbalance, foot prints were everywhere on the field. Squishy, Squish, Squish went our foot deeply going in the muddy grass. My shoes was already 


Now it was time to run on the Point England Reserve teaches were there a little support from them made me happy and telling me I could do it even if I was tired. I ran through corners and now it was time to run through the bushes. It was a challenge for me and I couldn’t even feel my foot when I went over the bridge. As I was going through the bushes I knew that I was halfway to the end of this exhausting track. Looking everywhere people were sprinting to the end and finally relaxing. I ran and ran until I stopped, my legs were aching and I could not run. Suddenly Mrs Ouano supported me and so I ran also Mrs Langitupu and Mrs King. I was finally at the end with an achievement of fourth place usually I will always be behind and not run.

After the event we watched a clip on YouTube called People are Awesome. It was very amazing and fascinating.
Thank you Dakota for reading and editing my story!

Monday, August 13, 2012

The London Games

My brother Usain Bolt was a magnificent runner, I love to watch him train everyday and also help out. He was born on August the 21, 1986. At the age of 25, he was the first man to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records.

Watching Usain Bolt run made me proud because he is so fast. I love being his sister, and he is so kind and cool. Beating 2 world records at the olympic games was amazing. Usain Bolt does hard work to bring success in running.

Someday I will train just like him and also succeed in my sport. But I am still counting on becoming a Movie Star and be Famous.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Going For Gold

In room 19 Mr Harris has gave us a gold medal for excellent work. Also getting up date with my blog to achieve better in my writing. So my blog can be filled with writing and extremely learning.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jesse Owens

This man was a successful runner also in long jump. He was a well skilled man.

He was one of the worlds greatest olympia.

Seventh born baby in a family of eleven in a small part of Alabama.

Jesse Owens first Olympic success was in athletic world in 1935. He set an world record in long jump, 220 yard dash and 220 yard low hurdles.

In 1936 Jesse Owens arrived at the Summer Olympic, in Berlin. He won a total of four gold medals.

Jesse Owens was a courage and strong character, even though his life has ended he will always be remembered.

Go For Gold Acrostic

Getting a chance to Achieve
Olympics Games

Fighting till the end
Olympic Medals
Representing different Countries

Go for gold
Opening and closing the London Olympics
Listening really hard to win
Deserving a chance to win!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Valerie Adams Inspires Me

The person who inspires me is Valerie Adams. 

Valerie Adams won 3 world titles, 2 gold medals at the Commonwealth Games and an Olympic gold medal. She had done all this by the age of 26.

She was born in Rotorua, New Zealand. A Tongan mother (Lilika Ngauamo) and an English father (Sydney Adams). She had an athletic build and was exceptionally strong and tall.
At the 2006 Commonwealth Games 1.96 tall, she won a gold medal. She finished the year ranked Number 2 in the world and won the halberg Awards as sportsman of the year.

From 2007-2009 she was the number 1 shot-putter in the world. In 2007, 2008, and 2009 she won the world title. She was a winner of the Olympic gold medal in Beijing in 2008.

I wish that I could become like her one day. In the future I would compete in discus and shot-put at a championship level.

Monday, June 25, 2012

“When Is It The Right Time To Swear?”

Residents in a small town outside, Boston, U.S. decided to ban swearing. This would help teens, They considered on giving fines $20 U.S. They would give the fine for profanity in public. 

We all know that swearing is not good for little kids. The right time to swear is when we get really angry, and our temperature gets really high and then it spits out with profanity.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Solar Powered Plane

A solar-powered plane flew from Switzerland to Morocco, countries that are 2000 km apart. This event happened on the 24th of May, 2012.

‘Solar Impulse’, a company, built the plane with their engineers. The plane was flown by two pilots - Andre Borschberg and Bertrand Picard.  

The machine’s wings were covered in solar panels. The panels use the sun’s rays to create electricity to power the plane’s propellers,

This was a record, because it was the first plane to fly with no fuel this distance and including at night.

I wish that I could fly one in the future!

Friday, May 18, 2012

To Room 11

Dear Mrs Walters,

I was very happy when room 11, two students came up to me with a prize pack. I wondered what was inside the pack. As I looked in it I saw my name, my heart just dropped and my face turned red. 
I cant believe I won the pack! I said in my head.
A Big Thank you to Mrs Walters and Room 11!!!!!

Thank you Naomi for reading my work.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh is a famous artist, in Paris.

He was born 1853 30 March. He was a man that had a bad childhoood, As a child, Vincent was serious, silent and thoughtful. He was a son of a pastor, and was brought up as a  Van Gogh religious, he returned to England for unpaid work as a supply teacher in a small boarding school, overlooking the harbour in Ramsgate, where he made sketches of the viewSelf-taught he looked at nineteenth century drawing manuals and lessons books. In 1882, he moved from his parents home in Etten to the Hague, where he received some formal instruction from his cousin, Anton Mauve, a leading Hague School artist. That same year, he executed his first independent works in water-colour and ventured into oil painting.
He was a Dutch Post Impressionism painter. His painting had good influence because of it's emotional colours. He suffered of a mental illness and officially cut his ear of  and died at a age of 37.

When he died his painting today are still famous he painted 2,000 artworks and sketched 900 artworks. He began drawing in 1885 he painted his first important work 'The Potato Eaters'. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Art Alive

This term we are learning about Art. In Room19 we have learnt how to do different kind of lines. It taking us time for us to learn to draw and paint. We had to colour it create light by mixing the colours, then layer it with a bit more light colour. 

We drew a house with a pencil then painted it with different colour. I also layer the painting with black and grey. Layering with coats of paint took time. We had to wait for each layer to dry  I couldn't get my work done even shading it finished in 2 days. I had to go back to my original painting and contrast it by working better on it so its nice and looks realistic. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reading a School Journal is COOL

I was reading a School Journal . In this School Journal I read a story called "Ina Joins In". Ina was a girl she flew away from Rarotonga. She went to a school in New Zealand. She was at school she was a bit shy because she didn't know anyone. Also she didn't know how to speak English. Suddenly she was invited to a poly club. This group was called The Cook Island Dancers. Ina was to shy to join in so she just watch. As it went through she looked everywhere and so she danced. She had no fear because she didn't care.

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Reflection About Camp 2012

What a wonderful day! It was my 2nd time having camp at school. Rising up getting ready for camp I was so excited. Packing my bag it was so heavy, filled with clothes. "I love Camp at school".

Old Skool Games
Sitting in the hall waiting for Mr Harris we were so excited. There were so many different games to play. My favorite was captain on Deck, it was so entertaining that I really wanted to play it over and over again. It was also frustrating because we had to do it quickly. Our pirate captain was Mr Harris. DING the bell rang it was morning tea, next rotation.

Amazing Race
Striving to Succeed in Amazing Race it was so entertaining I didn’t want to stop. I was so excited at doing the race. We started by making a Sling Shot, we needed a big tube, papers to and a string so we can tie the rubber together with the string. When we finished we had to do a race against some other teams. We had to run down Point England Beach and find some woods to make a fire so we can cook some eggs. Next we ran to the YMCA pools to get an egg, than ran down to the office to get some matches to light the fire. Next was we had to run on the reserve and find a container. My favorite was when we had to run everywhere and boy was it tirering.

Box Fit
Box Fit is a lot of work we did exercise and it was a lot of work. I love boxing but not running, we had to run up and down 3 times. Than next we did some combos for boxing. It was fun Dante and Me were playing around. We got in trouble about 5 times for playing around and hitting each there with the boxing gloves. My Highlight was when we got to do some awesome combos and to have fun.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Making Scones

We got to make delicious scones. Making it I felt hungry, we did this in the street. Mrs Tele'a was our cooking teacher. I love cooking because it is a lot of fun. I love scones there so tasty. We had to mix it, dough it and also bake it. It smelt really nice when it came out of the oven. We ate it with cream and jam, it tasted delicious I wanted some more but we had to save some for the rest of campers.  

My Thoughts About Camp

I can't wait ti'll camp starts it is going to be a big surprise. I am really excited to go camp and do lot's of entertainment sports and activities. Also having delicious food is YUMMY!! But camp is next week Monday so we still have some days to go with. My thoughts about camp is if everyone could Participate in everything and Protect each other.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Multiple Intelligence

27/2 Monday

Multiple Intelligence
This chart shows my results from a Multiple Intelligences form. It shows the 'smarts' that are the ways that I learn and feel best about. The most thing I need to work hard on is Word Smart! I need to get better with my writing and reading. My strongest intelligence is People smart. I don't know that if this is true or not, but I know that you wil!

Ben Carson Acrostic

Bus to Manakau,
Enjoyed the wait, not,
Noisy on the bus,

Crowded with other kids from other schools,
Ate Apples and Drink Up and Go's
Reading is cool and it's cool to achieve,
Singing, feel happy and no more worries,
Open doors,
Nice and enjoyed it!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


I can be Cybersmart by commenting on other peoples blog with the Language of Success. I also can be Cybersmart by putting my online address after my comment so they know it’s me and they can check out my blog. CyberSmart is also a technology that is connected to our netbook and so we can connect to our friends and Families. I will make sure that I write appropriate things on my blog and that it’s legal.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Duffy Thearter

Walking Anxiously in the hall I couldn't wait t'll the Duffy theater starts. I was to excited to watch it, as I walked this lady said "Hi" so I replied "Hi". Sitting on the floor the Duffy Theater started with a amazing song that all of us should know The Duffy Song.

My Favorite part in the Duffy show is when they sing. It feels like I'm really part of it but I'm not. I want to see another show but it's not going to happen only Next Year.



Netball is a game of Team work and skills. We went out for a game of Netball on a hot and shinny day. My Favourite skill is Mid air it is funny as you do it but when you get along with it’s not so bad. Mid air is a skill all you do is Run than leap and one person will throw the ball at you. Working as a team on a court called Team Work friends help you play netball and you also could do some drills and Practice.

Finally it was time for a game of netball but this was different we had to get in a group of three. I was Sweating, It made me wet and icky “Yuck” I said. Also I was Exhausted at the same time I was hydrated and tired.

This was a difficulty game and was hard-work. Then Helen passed the ball to me, But I lost the ball because the year 8 defended me and took the ball. They were too hard so they scored the ball. We’ll as we played through they won and we were the losers. At Lease we tried our best.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Health+Me =?

This term, in Maths, we are learning about statistics. AS part of our learning we are Examinig data related to our health. The first part of Examination we collected data (information) about the food we ate one week (2/2 to  9/2).

The graph (or chart) shows how much I ate from six major food groups.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Treaty of Waitangi

Waitangi Day
The Treaty of Waitangi was signed on 6th February 1840 between the European's and Maori's.In that year 500 Maori chiefs signed it and I am thankful, that now this treaty has been settled for almost 100 years. Now I live in Aotearoa, New Zealand a beautiful land. For some people they like to go on holidays, just have fun with there family. It is also a Special day when people have their own speacial Ocassion reflecting on The Treaty. This has bring a big Difference to Aotearoa and peace, if this wasn't settled this would be still going on today. I am grateful to Queen Victoria that changed everything. There is also three things in this Treaty Protection, Participation and Participation.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Family Reunion

Through the Holiday's I went to a Family Reunion. This Reunion was held for a special Family called the Rimaati Family. This was in Otara, Sir Edmund Hillary Marae.

When we were there I went inside and there were so many mattresses. 1, 2, 3 I couldn't hardly count them. This was a very tricky situation. So I asked some people that I didn't know to help me. As we were counting we were talking on the way. Finally we were finished, there were about 56 mattresses.

Next we went inside this hall called the Whanau Kai where we eat. My Aunty took me inside and told me where we eat and how to behave. My cousins were finally here, we were all happy.

We had a great time and I met my cousins who I didn't know.