Friday, March 4, 2011

Puma Shoes

Puma Shoes are my favorite shoes. I love them because they are cool. I always wanted to wear them even when we go to the Number One Shoes. They even suit my fittings, they are cool. They are colorful and pretty too. They have pretty linings in them.

Nikes are my second favorite shoe. They are like puma shoes but different as well. I like Nike and Puma shoes they are the same but nice. My brother has lots of shoes because he gets money from his dad.

Nike and pumas are my favorite shoes in the world!

3 comments: said...

I love Nike Shoes too. High five over there!

Turuhira said...

Thank you. I really like puma shoes and nikes. I think you really like them the same as me. I really want to get them because it is getting really cold, and everytime I have to wear sandals. Thanks for the really goood comment. I really like it.

By your friend Turuhira.

Oshyne said...

Hi Turuhira,it's me Oshyne.I really like your puma shoes.I wish i had puma shoes like you