Monday, November 29, 2010

Drawing our imagination Bug.

What a awesome day! That we had last week. Using bright colour, dye and glue. I sketched my work so i knew what i was going to draw. My imagination was to draw a butterfly with colourful bright colours. As i finished my paper was dirty, so i cut it out and glued on to another blank paper that was cleaned. Then after that i got to dye my butterfly. When it was finished my picture was bright. Rm14 was excited at making these new bugs that our fabulous teacher had taught us how to draw it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turuhira Scorpion

Scorpions narrow curved tail paralysed its victim in 5 minutes.
They are vicious when they are angry at there enemy. Female Scorpions kill Male Scorpions doesn't listen she gets angry and kills him.

Defending and fighting the Scorpion injects venom to paralyse it's victim.Scorpions only sucks the prey's blood-like a soup. Then eats it with its soup like a tongue.There skeleton is on the outside witch is called like a Exoskeleton.
Did you know that poisonous scorpions can paralyse it's victim in 5 minutes by it's narrow curved tail.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Mornarch Butterfly

During the night, a mother butterfly lays an egg. One sunny day the egg hatched. Out came a caterpillar, it look for its food.

The caterpillar was so hungry that it went off looking for food. The caterpillar eats milk weed leaves until it gets fat. It makes a chrysalis , where it will take two weeks to transform into a butterfly. Suddenly the monarch butterfly hatches out.

The monarch butterfly takes several hours until its wings are dry. Finally the butterfly is now free. It eats nectar from flowers. As it ate lots of milk weed as a caterpillar it contains poison in its abdomen. So whenever the Predator eats the butterfly it spits it out, because of the poison.