Thursday, December 8, 2011


Relationships are Friendships. You can write poem or quote about friendships. I have been thinking about a friend and I have wrote this for you.

I love you as a friend. My heart goes down when your not with me. I always dream about you and think about you when I am bored. I like to play with you and with other friends but you will always be in my heart. We love to swing and sleepovers. You are so funny and playful. When it is summer we will always play with the water. When it is autumn we will always play games in my room. When it is spring we will always pick refreshing fruits to eat. When it is winter we always my play snowball fight with our other friends.

This is the poem I wrote about you.
To Rebecca and Dante
From Turuhira

Monday, December 5, 2011

Film Festival

I was so excited watch 2011 Film festival. 
Time to go on the bus I had to look after two little kids from room 1 and 2 they were very excited. The two little children were called Lishana and Latu. We were going to Sylvia Park. As we were sitting in the Cinema we saw a extreme screen. 

My favorite highlight is watching the Billy.T movie from Room 15. Brodie had a good actor and it was very funny!! I loved Brodie when he acted like Billy.T and when he laughed that was funny to me. I love the movie I wanted to watch it over and over again.