Monday, June 27, 2011

My Netball Games On Tuesday After School.

I am Excited about Playing Netball Every Tuesday After School. I think Netball to me is way fun Because I love Shooting the ball in the hoop. I use to be a Goal Attack (G.A) But now I am trying out to be a Goal Shoot (G.S). Maria Tutaia is a big fan to me because she is good at shooting the ball in the hoop. I also have a friend called Jay-Lee she is good at shooting the ball in the hoop.

A Frightening Story

On my Birthday when I turned ten. Me, My mum, My dad went on a camp to the Forest. This was a Rain-Forest because we flew to Queensland. I was amazed and excited to be in a Rain-Forest because it had been wet for a long time.As we were to the bushes

Something Brushed up my foot and my Surprise turned into Horror as I looked Down and Saw a vicious Scorpion I screamed hard out that my mum came to me and saw the scorpion on my leg that she fainted and fell into the bushes. When my dad came he fainted as-well and here’s my screaming my lungs out.

I tried getting a long stick and it didn’t work. I tired hard but I didn’t get any ideas all my ideas were useless. I shake my leg and it came of and then I woke up my mum and my dad they said “What had happened to us?” and I said “There was a scorpion on my leg and you guys panicked the fainted”. Mum and dad yelled "AHHHHH A SCORPION”. So they bumped into each other and fell into the bushes again. I had to wake them up by making them cool down with a leaf and so they woke up, mum and my dad said “What had happened to us?” So i said “nothing come on let’s go and have lunch” and my mum and dad said “Okay”. My brothers was at my uncles playing with my cousin on his Play station 3.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tallest Tower Animation

Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy is a movie that we watched in Room 17.
The characters in this movie are Partly Cloudy and a Stork that worked with him. This movie was set high up above in the clouds. It all started when lots of Storks were holding bags and when they open it out comes a Baby, Kittens and Dogs. The main action in this story is when the cloud makes sea babies but they are mean to the Stork. The Stork was always getting hurt by each dangerous animals that Partly Cloudy makes. When the story was about to end Stork went away from him and he got angry so Lightning came out of his cloud and he looked at the Stork he started to cry but when The Stork came he stopped crying. When The Stork opened the bag it was a Baseball Helmet and a Baseball Suit and the cloud was so happy. Partly Cloudy made an EEL and it shocked The Stork but he Didn't care. My Rating for this story is 10/10. I rate this rating because it was amazing and funny.
Click on the Picture of the Cloud.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rippa Rugby Tournament

On a exciting day we were getting change for our tournament game I was excited about this tournament. As we were getting change most of the girls were so happy to play. In my head I was nervous and shaking. Me and my friends got changed than went out to play a game of masters (A netball game). All the rugby boys were running around getting hot so when they walk they don't get cold. Finally we had to get ready to walk down to Dunkirk. We had to sit in the breeze waiting for our coaches. First we had to call the roll to make sure everyone was here. After the roll we all had to line up in our teams to know that we were organized and set ready to go down to Dunkirk. Now we all had to go down to Dunkirk.

All of us were set to go down. We walked all the way down to Dunkirk. We crossed roads carefully. Saw dogs on the way, saw beautiful houses even Mr Burt's house it was lovely and we saw his boat as-well. Me and my friend Laita were talking on the way to Dunkirk She said that she was excited to play on our first game. Finally we were there we got told to take our shoes of because we were playing in bare feet.

Than our first game began and most of the girls were so nervous but we knew we were going to beat Bailey Rd because we believed in our selfs. Suddenly the game began. We dogged and step-side the girls in Bailey Rd and scored a try. We twisted and turned to get a score and used our targets. After a while we had another Try. Our school won 7 points and Bailey Rd scored one so we won by many points. As our game was finished we were all happy that we won our first game. So we had a Break for a minute.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


GIMP is a tool that I use to edit my pictures like BEFUNKY. Gimp is fun to use on Netbooks. If you have a Netbook you might want to try it out here are some results.

H20 Just Add Water

Every weekdays I love to watch H20 Just Add Water. It is a program about Mermaids. This is a very fascinating program to watch on Channel two. This h2o Just Add Water program has many problems that they have to solve. Mermaids on this program are helpful to people who needs help or who has a situation about something. As it Finish you might want to watch it again.