Monday, September 24, 2012

End of an Era

This amazing shuttle flying, not to space but to a museum!
On the 21st of september, a space shuttle has flown to the museum.

This is the last  NASA’s space shuttle carrier aircraft has flown. The NASA space shuttle carrier aircraft, built it to modified 747 built specifically for ferrying shuttles across the country.

It’s first flight is Los Angeles. Next month it will go to California Service Centre. As it’ll display itself for space fans!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Photo

It’s time for a family photo. Getting all together, celebrating this special occasion.
At the beach greeting each other. Happy to see each other. Looking for my cousin, there she is at the playground.

Mum calls me to set up the table. I could smell the delicious chicken, steak, sausages and salad. What a feast! I’m hungry now. Everybody gathering around. Time to say the prayer now. Munching out on the beach.

Running in the water. Brrrrrr, it’s very cold! Jumping in, my family splashing water around. My uncle took me for a ride on his boat, don’t forget to put on your life-jacket he warned.

We were finally home. What a day, with a big smile! I went to my room, and finally went to sleep with my cousin.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Netball is a famous sport to girls but the main thing that's tiring is exercise. Rugby is my second favorite sport it’s so famous that we also won the world cup!!!!!  

Netball is a great sport for girls, I love it because we get to have fun. It is a ball sport between each team, it only has seven players on the court for each team. The coach would only allowed the players to hold the ball for three seconds before passing or shooting a goal. Netball games are only 60 minutes long so this sport is a lot of exercise.

Rugby is based on running with the ball in hand and passing to the player in your team. It is also a tiring sport that contains exercise and a lot of training. First we have to practice, practice, practice then it’s perfect. It was created by a special man William Webb Ellis.

Volley-ball is a fun sport.Volleyball is used with a net, and a ball. It is a big sport that is half a court. I love people playing and it is also a funny game.!

Visiting Horald

We have 3 weeks to visit the life education, our class had the opportunity to visit a new lady Angela, she was a new training guest.
Firstly we had to sit in 4 rows, going inside was extremely cool. 

My Favorite highlight was Making Choices, Thinking about influences on smoking, which side we would choose, Negative or Positive. We’ll I would always think positive and be Assertive not Passive or Aggressive. This had made me happy, so I know that when someone ask me do you want a smoke I would answer “no I won’t and guess what you are ruining your body”.

My second favorite highlight is how drugs can effect our lives. All I need to know is that drugs are very dangerous. I would not take one because I would ruin my body. This is a big time to be thinking should I really smoke or remember ‘no’ it can destroy my life.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Smoking can cause a lot of danger and disease. One reason is that you can have bad cancer.  Once you start smoking for the first time you can really get addicted.

The Influences between smoking is that it can affect your bodies. Such as your lungs, heart egc. Nicotine has a bad influence in smoking, or a reason nicotine is in smokes and the nicotine inside is affecting the organs in your body, which can be very difficult to control your body even your brain.

Tobacco AKA (as known as) cigarette or smokes can be dangerous. When you smoke you can have a chance that can cause up to 90% lung cancer in males, a 80% lung cancer in females who smokes. Smokes has bad bacteria and chemicals. I have learn that if I smoke I could have a chance of dieing.

My Opinion is that you should stop smoking and save some money for something you really need in your life.

Thank you Hosannah for reading my story!