Friday, November 4, 2011


We have six people on this rocket and their names are Louis the Captain, Alisha The Manager, Cameron, Andrea, Mary and Moses and the name of their crew is Rocospacey. "Fire system operated!" said The Captain (Louis). "Fire system Operated Sir," said Alisha. Now it's time to get going on the rocket. Counting the rocket down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 Blast off! "Taking off in a rocket is freaky and going up so high, I mean it's so scary," said Alisha. "It's bazzar flying in to space," said Andrea. "Stop being stupid and get a grip," Yelled Louis. "Wow look it's so beautiful in space”. I can see Jupiter, it's so big," said Cameron, "Can I see," said Mary. "Me two," said Moses.

"Everybody out and put your suits on" said The Captain, "Yes Sir," replied The Rocospacey Crew. "Where are we sir?" said The Rocospacey Crew," We’re on Saturn," said Louis. " We have come to Saturn because we are learning about this planet," Replied Louis. " Weeeeeeee!" said Cameron “I am riding on it's famous rings and It's so cool". " Let me try," said Andrea, "I want a turn I want a turn," Squeaked Mary. "Everybody let's get going," called Louis. The Crew set off and traveled on it's long journey.

"In my calculations I think we are right in the middle of Saturn and I could see red spots," said Louis. "What are the red spots?" said The Rocospacey Crew. “ They are the Aliens,” said Cameron "Hi my name is Angelina and I am a lady," said the Alien. "Welcome to Saturn," she greeted. Each creature looked the same there, their skin is green as grass their eye's are big as earth they have 3 hands. "These are the scariest aliens I’ve seen in my life," said Andrea.

"Would you like to see my family," said Angelina, "Sure" replied Louis. " Come on then hop in cara she's my car," said Angelina. "This street is hobblelooblebubble and this is where I live," said Angelina. “Our house is made out of beautiful rocks”. Angelina introduced her family to us. Her husband is an expert at fixing spaceships, My son is good at memorising things and My daughter is so kind. I work at a restaurant.

Stay Tuned to my next Story.

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