Monday, June 27, 2011

A Frightening Story

On my Birthday when I turned ten. Me, My mum, My dad went on a camp to the Forest. This was a Rain-Forest because we flew to Queensland. I was amazed and excited to be in a Rain-Forest because it had been wet for a long time.As we were to the bushes

Something Brushed up my foot and my Surprise turned into Horror as I looked Down and Saw a vicious Scorpion I screamed hard out that my mum came to me and saw the scorpion on my leg that she fainted and fell into the bushes. When my dad came he fainted as-well and here’s my screaming my lungs out.

I tried getting a long stick and it didn’t work. I tired hard but I didn’t get any ideas all my ideas were useless. I shake my leg and it came of and then I woke up my mum and my dad they said “What had happened to us?” and I said “There was a scorpion on my leg and you guys panicked the fainted”. Mum and dad yelled "AHHHHH A SCORPION”. So they bumped into each other and fell into the bushes again. I had to wake them up by making them cool down with a leaf and so they woke up, mum and my dad said “What had happened to us?” So i said “nothing come on let’s go and have lunch” and my mum and dad said “Okay”. My brothers was at my uncles playing with my cousin on his Play station 3.

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