Friday, November 25, 2011

Kawau Island

Weka birds, Tui and a wood pigeons are native birds from Kawau Island. At Camp Benzon it was very clean and the beach was very windy when I got there. On the way to Camp Benzon we were supposed to see some dolphins but we didn't. Bringing all the camp bags in it was very tiring because some of the were heavy and some were light. We were in teams 
My first favorite highlight is doing abceilling and it was very scary. Our adults were Stu and Camilla. When got to the top I was scared to travel down, so Camilla said to be confident and face my fears. As I went down I started to like it and it was fantastic. When I made it down to the end I was finally finished. "That was fun" I said to Mrs Va'afusuanga.

My second highlight is kayaking. First we had to connect our kayaks and had to switch. Then we had to kayak around the wharf two times and Then we can kayak far. Then there was an emergency something had happened to shoal. 

On the last day I asked Mrs Garden if she could take Andrea and me to go and see a Wallabies. We looked and looked but then they all ran away. When we went back and we saw a Wallabies face to face.

Concert time I loved our Performance but it wasn't good enough. I really love The Kawau Team. Finally it's time to see how came First, Second, Third or Fourth. Fourth place was MANSION and the crowd went wild. Third was KATZ and our team we wild. Second place Bentzon and lot's of cheers went on. First Place was Kawau and the whole crowd went wild and crazy.
I had a great time at Camp.

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