Friday, November 25, 2011

Kawau Island

Weka birds, Tui and a wood pigeons are native birds from Kawau Island. At Camp Benzon it was very clean and the beach was very windy when I got there. On the way to Camp Benzon we were supposed to see some dolphins but we didn't. Bringing all the camp bags in it was very tiring because some of the were heavy and some were light. We were in teams 
My first favorite highlight is doing abceilling and it was very scary. Our adults were Stu and Camilla. When got to the top I was scared to travel down, so Camilla said to be confident and face my fears. As I went down I started to like it and it was fantastic. When I made it down to the end I was finally finished. "That was fun" I said to Mrs Va'afusuanga.

My second highlight is kayaking. First we had to connect our kayaks and had to switch. Then we had to kayak around the wharf two times and Then we can kayak far. Then there was an emergency something had happened to shoal. 

On the last day I asked Mrs Garden if she could take Andrea and me to go and see a Wallabies. We looked and looked but then they all ran away. When we went back and we saw a Wallabies face to face.

Concert time I loved our Performance but it wasn't good enough. I really love The Kawau Team. Finally it's time to see how came First, Second, Third or Fourth. Fourth place was MANSION and the crowd went wild. Third was KATZ and our team we wild. Second place Bentzon and lot's of cheers went on. First Place was Kawau and the whole crowd went wild and crazy.
I had a great time at Camp.

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Review about Kawau Island

I can’t wait to go to Kawau Island it’s going to be awesome. I am going to be packing my bag with lollies, biscuit and my packed lunch.  I feel really excited and I think it’s going to be fun.

Camp Benzon is where we go camping in Kawau Island and Kawua Island has different Native Species. We are travelling by a fairy and I haven’t been on a fairy before.  

Camp benzon is a very cool place because we get to see Wallabies. There are also cool trees called Kanuka, Manuka and Pohutukawa most native trees. We could look at different native things in Kawau Island.

I’m looking forward to travel in a fairy and play some most awesome activity’s. Because this is my first time to kawau Island with my friends and Helpers. I think that It would be a lot of fun doing my Favorite activity’s.

My challenge is facing people and being confident when I sing a song or Present our concert. I have another challenge as-well it’s facing the world alone and trying my best.

My conclusion is getting there and having fun with my friends and Teachers.

Monday, November 7, 2011

My favorite Singer

At home I have been listening to my favorite song. This song was called We Belong Together by Mariah Carey. She has the most beautiful voice and her tone is cool. i love singing it because I like the way she sings along with me. I wish I could go to one of her concert to watch her and her wonderful voice. Mariah Carey is like a big fan of mine.
I hope you really enjoyed it!


I was at home just looking outside when suddenly I heard a Stupendous bang. Fireworks lid up the sky. There were bright, light, and colorful colors all around New Zealand. "Wow" I sighed, I could not believe my eyes. Then when I saw my cousin come outside I went down the road. When he lid a firework One hit a car across the road, One went flying down the road. My cousin and me were laughing. It was so cold outside that I wore 2 jackets I couldn't stop shivering.

Shivering outside in the cold I saw Fireworks from far away. This was like a show from a carnival. As I was still shivering I went back inside and got a sparkle and it was sparkling. I could write my name, draw and dig it in the ground. Now it was time to go back inside and rest for another big day.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Flying in my Space Shuttle.

In space when I was flying in my space shuttle I went past Jupiter. When all of a sudden something hit me   behind my space shuttle. Did you know what it was? It was a big Asteroid. Boom bang what a hit I could not control my Space Shuttle. Suddenly everything turned of and then the Space Shuttle started to fall. I put on my suit and Helmet then jumped out. After that I was floating on Gravity. Suddenly I was standing on Jupiter. It was beautiful and Colorful. I stayed there until another Space Shuttle came up. Boom it was finally a Rocket. "Yay," I said happily "Time to go back home".


We have six people on this rocket and their names are Louis the Captain, Alisha The Manager, Cameron, Andrea, Mary and Moses and the name of their crew is Rocospacey. "Fire system operated!" said The Captain (Louis). "Fire system Operated Sir," said Alisha. Now it's time to get going on the rocket. Counting the rocket down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 Blast off! "Taking off in a rocket is freaky and going up so high, I mean it's so scary," said Alisha. "It's bazzar flying in to space," said Andrea. "Stop being stupid and get a grip," Yelled Louis. "Wow look it's so beautiful in space”. I can see Jupiter, it's so big," said Cameron, "Can I see," said Mary. "Me two," said Moses.

"Everybody out and put your suits on" said The Captain, "Yes Sir," replied The Rocospacey Crew. "Where are we sir?" said The Rocospacey Crew," We’re on Saturn," said Louis. " We have come to Saturn because we are learning about this planet," Replied Louis. " Weeeeeeee!" said Cameron “I am riding on it's famous rings and It's so cool". " Let me try," said Andrea, "I want a turn I want a turn," Squeaked Mary. "Everybody let's get going," called Louis. The Crew set off and traveled on it's long journey.

"In my calculations I think we are right in the middle of Saturn and I could see red spots," said Louis. "What are the red spots?" said The Rocospacey Crew. “ They are the Aliens,” said Cameron "Hi my name is Angelina and I am a lady," said the Alien. "Welcome to Saturn," she greeted. Each creature looked the same there, their skin is green as grass their eye's are big as earth they have 3 hands. "These are the scariest aliens I’ve seen in my life," said Andrea.

"Would you like to see my family," said Angelina, "Sure" replied Louis. " Come on then hop in cara she's my car," said Angelina. "This street is hobblelooblebubble and this is where I live," said Angelina. “Our house is made out of beautiful rocks”. Angelina introduced her family to us. Her husband is an expert at fixing spaceships, My son is good at memorising things and My daughter is so kind. I work at a restaurant.

Stay Tuned to my next Story.