Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My favorite Milkshake

My favorite Milkshake is chocolate. It has lots of flavor that you can't even make it. Just imagining that you have one and you won't share it with your brothers, dad or mum even your cousins. After that I begged my mum to to buy me a chocolate milkshake. So she did so she could calm me down.

As I finished drinking it was time to go home because it was getting dark and it was also cold. When we got home I jumped straight into bed and waited to have a new beginning for tomorrow.


Awhina said...

Hey turuhira,

I can imagine not sharing with my sister but that will just be mean. I also hoped you got a good night sleep and that was a great story you shared with us.


Turuhira W-K said...

Thanks for the comment Awhina. I think that you maybe like to have it by yourself. I love the comment that you send me.
From Turuhira

I might what to go on your story and share the love with you on your blog. How is your work going? Thanks Though I would like to be your friend.