Friday, October 28, 2011

Going to Willow Park!

On the first week of the school holidays I was getting my stuff ready to go to willow park for Riverside. It was my first time going on a camp for riverside. I got to see my friends and join in their group if Mr Burt said. When I got dropped off at school I saw my friends and said hi. When everyone was here we put our bags in the trailer so Mr Clark could drive them down to willow park. When the roll was finished and medicine or money was dropped of to Mrs Hamilton it was time to go. As we hopped on the bus the bus driver drove us to camp. Every girl was excited as the were talking on the bus. I was just relaxing and very happy at myself. Andrea and I were sitting next to each other eating on the bus. Finally we were there and I jumped out of the bus and went to go and run into the hall called the Rimu Room. When we got there we had some activities to do.

We had to get in groups then we had a little chat. After Mr Burt finished chatting he send us to our cabins that our leaders showed us. Then we had to run down and get our bags to put our blankets on our own beds. We had 8 beds in one cabin, Three bunks and Two single beds. When we finished we Relaxed and had a little rest while everyone was playing outside on the trampolines, playground and played volleyball outside. When the SIREN went we had to run to the Rimu Room to do our activity's.

My first favorite highlight was playing with the willow park toys and this was fun. There were so many things, these are the things that we would want to go on Green Machines, Quadbikes, swing trolleys, wobbly bikes and scooters. Out of all of the willow park toys I choose the Green Machines. I loved it because I got to drift inside the gym.

My Second highlight is sleeping. I  love it because I could rest my head and chilax. Now this was a very difficult thing when I try to sleep because it is annoying when people talk too much. At night on the first day when I went to sleep Andrea and Me were eating lollies at night time. After that Andrea and me were told of.  So we went to sleep.

My Third highlight is swimming in the beach and kayaking.  When I dived in the beach I was shivering like a penguin. "Next rotation" said Mr Burt, when Andrea and me was in the kayak I started to rock it and she screamed. Splash! Went the boat I was laughing and Andrea was shouting at me.

EATING is my fourth highlight. I love the food on the first day for lunch we ate hot-dogs and it was delicious.


At camp I have learnt that God died for our sins and We Love God. On The Third night I became a follower of Jesus.

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Mrs Burt said...

You have published TWO fabulous camp reports Turuhira. I love the way you have included so much detail it feels like I was there - wait a minute, I WAS there! Well done for locating and embedding the movie in your post too.

Keep up the great attitude and have a wonderful term.

Mrs Burt