Monday, April 11, 2011

All about me.

Click on these photo's to see were I got the photo's from.

Hi my name is Turuhira and I am a year 6 student, I am 10 year old. My best friend is Anahera
But she is in a different class, me and her were best buddies when she started school. We always hanged out every lunchtime and morning tea. I am in Room16 My teachers name is Mr Somerville He started learning at our school this year but he is not going to stay here for long because he is going to leave school next year.

This year my goal for writing is making my paragraphs interesting.
Why- So people can say "Wow what interesting pargraphs" Thats why.

I am taking charge at looking after my responsibillity and my belongings.
My topic for this year is being kind to ohters like being respect to everyone.

This year so far is awsome even my teacher. Our teacher has been so kind to us like we had been respectful to him.

Here is some photo's of our class here is my funny teacher.

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