Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cross Country Story

On Wednesday 7th September 9yrs old to the 11 yr olds went to walk down to the reserve. I was nervous but people were happy because they wanted to come first. First up was the 9yrs old girls. They were talking about something but they didn't go first. Then Mrs Garden took the 9yr old boys. The 9yr old boys went first. Then After the 9yr old boys it was the 10yr old boys. When they ran I thought that they had to pace (Jogging). Then it was the 11yr old boys and some of them paced. Next was the 11yr old girls they sprinted and when they were about to stop they started to jogged. Then it was my groups turn the 10yr old girls. I was feeling Nervous inside my brain. Suddenly when Mr Burt said GO! I ran fast  then I jogged. When I was running I could see that Tauwhare was  already tired from running fast at the start line. When I finished  Jogging I stopped and went over the bridge. I went through Bridges, Zig-zag through rocks and went up steps. This was a challenging race. When I was at the end I went past Te Rina then me and Mele had a race but Mele won.

This was a very Challenging Race on Cross Country!

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