Friday, May 31, 2013

Independent and Dependent Movie

Turuhira and Kimberly from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is a movie that my friend Kimberly and me made. We found out about Independent and Dependent Clause. It was a big experience throughout our learning.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

200 Words

Taliah was at her favourite restaurant called The Burger Of Death. On the side of the table was a big giant hamburger. “OMG” said Taliah , the burger was so humongous that she couldn't believe her eyes. So Taliah decided to take the burger. So she put it in her bag and vanished out the door.

The police looked at the tapes from the security camera. Suddenly they saw a little girl take the giant hamburger. Then Mark said “Hey, I know that girl she always use to come here. She told me she was just looking at the menu”.
Constable Pete asked “Do you know this little girl”, “yes I do her name is Taliah and she lives on Fourth street number 86” Mark replied.

The police ran out the door and rushed to her house. “Hello, is your daughter home we would like to take her to the courthouse”, “for what” asked Taliah’s mum. “Your daughter stole a giant hamburger from The Burger Of Death” constable Pete said.
“Sorry constable I promise I won’t do it again” Taliah said. “Of course I would and thanks for telling the truth”.

From that day on Taliah promised not to steal again.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


We had to build our own cuboid out of paper because there was no-more cardboard. It was a big experience at measuring and finding out how things can be equal.

This is a 2D cube the length is 14cm and the width id 4cm so if we multiply the 14cm and the 4 cm we will get 56cm2.

 The next one id a 3D shape the width of this 3D shape is 3cm3.
 The length of this shape is 4cm3.

The height of this 3D shape is 14cm3.

So if we multiply the width of the 3D shape, The length of the 3D shape and also the height of the 3D shape. So that will be 14cmx3cmx14cm = 588.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Heart Attack Grill

Students at Point England School, believe that The Heart Attack Grill Restaurant should not allow to operate in Glen Innes, NZ.

The more people that eat at The Heart Attack Grill restaurant, the bigger obesity people will increase in Glen Innes, NZ. The Heart Attack Grill spokes people has problems about the food and how bad it is for people who are eating at The Heart Attack Grill restaurant. The person who owned the restaurant is providing free meals for people, which is increasing obesity in Glen Innes.

The food at the Heart Attack Grill has too much fat in their food. In their burgers are dripping oil inside their patties. Eating at The Heart Attack Grill will cause health problems, and increase the obesity problem for many people. There are no healthy choices in the meal only burgers and fries who are put in animal fat which is pretty disgusting.

The Heart Attack Grill offers fries, fat and sugar drinks and also 4 patties high and with cheese and grease dripping. The restaurant is full of waitresses who are wearing hospital clothes. Also there are warning signs outside saying 'CAUTION THESE FOOD ARE NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU', but still people come in and eat how many burgers they want. So the owner is promoting unhealthy food and increasing obesity.

The longer The Heart Attack Grill will be allowed to operate in Glen Innes, NZ the bigger obesity people will increase. As long as it won't operate in Glen Innes, young people will be healthy and will live longer.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Baking Bread Rollz

Turuhira Movie 2 from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
On Friday 10th May 2013, we had the opportunity to bake some lovely Bread Rollz with Mama King (Miss Kings Mum).

We mixed ingredients but Sesalina and I got a bit over-board with the yeast we were supposed to put in 2 Tablespoon but we put in 1/3 of a cup. I was so stressed I felt like leaving it there. But Mama King helped us and we got through. We made the mixture into a dough and started needing it. When we finished we rolled it into different shapes, plating it onto the dish with oil spread all over the dish.

Sitting waiting for the Bread Rollz to be baked as it was sitting on top of the oven waiting to be baked, I couldn't wait to put it in my mouth. When it finished being baked we spread the butter on the bread roll. As I put it in my mouth it was delicious.

Thank you Mama King for letting us bake some delicious Bread Rollz. I really enjoyed ir, also when I put the Bread into my mouth. It tasted nice and moist. You're a great baker and I hope to bake with you again!!!
Love: Turuhira Whioke Karena

Also if you would love to bake some bread rollz, click on this site.

Thursday, May 9, 2013 surprise donation

This Song (that power) was sung by two superstars name Justin Bieber and Will.I.Am. This song to me might be inspiring. I think that this song means to don’t let others bring your dreams down just go and live your life. Enjoy your life and be alive. You can also be the best you can, also help your parents and siblings (I think?).

My dream is to be anything I can achieve in and Strive to Succeed.

On Thursday may 9th 2013, Will.I.Am came to Point England School. My heart was racing and it also took my breathe away. Will.I.Am was a big inspiration to me. He also told us a story about his childhood in East Los Angeles, had a really poor childhood but now he became a very famous superstar and helped out his mum as he grew. The fabulous man kindly donated us $100.00.00 to Manaiakalani School Project, we were all surprised. It took all Point Englanders by surprised and also the other schools.  

Will.I.Am is a very inspiring person to me. Someday I would be like him!

I would love to say to a big thank you, and also for your donation.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My PSI Movie

Turuhira, Sesalina and Kimberly Movie from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
This brand new term our topic is PSI which stands for Point England School Investigation. We are investigating measurements. This is a short movie Kimberly, Sesalina and I put together.