Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Egg Story

Why does people celebrate Easter for?
Easter is celebrated in many different ways. Greece loves to celebrate the honour Jesus blood. In other countries people use Easter eggs for romantic things, or the rebirth of Jesus. Also celebrating a new life.

Chocolate is made out of eggs which is very yummmy! I love my chocolate Easter eggs!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Narrative Dog Surfing

How was your day?

Slip, Slip, Slip.........
"ewww,yuck" Emily yelled
"woof,woof" Milo barked.
Emily's dog (milo) was ready with his surf board. Emily jumped straight up and got ready for the dog annual surfing day. Tiredly walking to the beach Emily body was weak. As she was holding on the leash Milo was pulling because the show was about to start. Emily ran and ran until she fell on to the seats. "BEEEEPPP" the buzzer went the dogs were on there way.

Across the clashing waves the dogs were surfing with all there might. As Emily looked she yelled out "GO MILO, YOU CAN DO IT?". Suddenly she heard the girl named Molly (Bullies Emily at school) next to her say "my dog is obviously going to win, because we practice everyday".

"Umm excuse me you just can't say that your dog is going to win instantly just because you both practice everyday. Those other dogs can beat your dog". Moments later she couldn't see Milo he wasn't with the rest of the dogs. Emily quickly ran down the steps and told the host that one of the dogs were missing. The host asked what was the dogs number, she told him the number was 7.

Suddenly all you can see is Milo barking and coming down the waves. Emily was relieved. Molly's dog came around Milo and drowned him. Emily quickly took her clothes off and jumped into the sea. She swam and swam until she finally made it, breathing heavily she couldn't find Milo anywhere. She dived underneath still nothing. "Help" yelled Emily. While she was screaming for help on shore Molly's dog won. All the lifeguards, jumped in for help and rescued Milo on the beach. Emily quickly put him in the car and took him to the vet.

Waiting for hours, the vet told Emily that Milo was all right and that he should have a rest. They both went home, Emily was delighted that Milo was still alive. Suddenly as she was going to put her leg up on the sofa the door rang. 'DING DONG', the man that hosted the dog annual surfing day gave Emily the trophy. Emily asked why he had given it to her, and he said because you are a big brave girl.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Dog Surfing Sentences

Dante and I made ten sentences of a dog surfing.
1) Where Am I?
2) Yesterday morning my family and I went on a scavenger hunt.
3) Across the clashing waves towards Browns Island, the dogs were surfing.
4) Carefully gliding towards shore my surf-board unfortunately broke.
5) Tiredly walking to find something to eat my body was weak.
6) Carving another surf-board my paws barely touched the wood.
7) Suddenly, jumping on the hot sand, my paws were ready to curve a new surf-board.
8) Happily celebrating the dog finished off the board and is ready to go back home.
9) "Look I can see people", he woofed.
10) Finally back where I belong and enjoying my time with my family. That was a great adventure! "MMMM FOOOD" I woofed

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Car Accident

Dashing out of the house, mum was waiting in the car. Driving down the motorway, the car went onto the truck, went off the ramp tossing and turning in mid-air. The car suddenly stops! The doors flung open the man fell out. Blood pouring down his face, bruises were all over the man, he was terribly hurt. People came walking down the road to see the hurt man. So we put the man in the car. Frightened with fear, my mum turned on the car and off we went. The man was in pain, blood all over the back seat.....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Decimals from Biggest to Smallest

Kimberly and I, have created a movie ordering from Biggest to Smallest. We hope you enjoy :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Ladies Life With Her Beloved Paper.

Kathy was at work one day, just looking through some old newspaper. Kathy found a paper that had a black round shape circle on it. When Kathy went to try and draw around it my pencil went straight through.

So Kathy walked down to the shop and taped it on to the door. Kathy was finally in, Kathy looked around and said to herself, Wow what a treat! As Kathy was loading her bag with heaps of junk food Kathy headed straight back to the door. Something had happened, the paper had disappeared off the door, someone took it maybe or maybe it was blown from the wind. So that's when Kathy started discovering who took the black circle.

Kathy made it out of the dairy in time, enough to put some idea down for the missing paper. Finally her work had finished and now it was time to hang it up, so that people would know it's been missing, Kathy also put up a reward! It took 20 years to find it but still nothing, Kathy had been around the world but still nothing. So she came home and rested down with a nice cup of tea.

Waiting anxiously for someone to come and knock on the door. "BOOM BOOM" someone knock on the door. "Hello" she said with a smile on her face. The man replied "Ahh, yes I've heard that you have lost a piece of paper", "Oh, yes my favourite paper of all" Kathy answered. "Well I guess I have found it for you, and here you are your fine paper" exclaimed the man. "Well thank you very much" Kathy said with happiness. Kathy gave the man his reward and off he went. Kathy was so happy when she had her paper. A few years later Kathy died and Rest In Peace with her beloved paper.