Friday, August 5, 2011

Immersion Assembly Term 3

Another day for school Hooray! While waiting for school at home I hardly couldn't wait! As I came to school I was excited to see my friends. When school started the whole school went to the hall but room 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 walked down to Tamaki College for their Tech time. As we went inside the hall we were given a ticket. I was wondering what it was when suddenly Mr burt said that we could use it to buy a treat like a Drink, chips or hot chips and sausages! When the show began we had to watch the teachers dance. At the end we were to that our topic was called 'Keep Your Eye On The Ball'.

My favourite highlight was when the teachers in team 4 got to choose a player so they could feed the teachers weet-bix. Did you know that the All Black players eat 10 Weet-Bix, 2 Litres of milk and a Dozen pieces of toast a Day? I'm not sure if that right!

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Miss Garden said...

Ten Weet-bix, that's nothing. I would have that as a small morning tea snack!
I've seen the funny video of the Team 4 teachers - aren't they funny.
Miss Garden