Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swimming Thoughts

Having a great pool four term four was so awesome swimming. Sometimes the pool would be cold or warm I had a fun time. I wish we could still have the swimming pool so we don’t need to walk down to the public pool near our School.

Chris asked us if we wanted to do swimming lessons at lunchtime. I wanted to do it so I can have fun during lunchtime. I chose life surfing because I haven’t tried it out before. Once it came to Thursday I got to do Surf Life Saving I was excited. We got to ride on a Surf Life Board and ;learnt about what you do if you are drowning. So if you are drowning and you wave your hand the life guard will just wave back.S o you just paddle under the water and put your hand up and don’t panic.
Thanks Stacey and Alice I had lots of fun with you.

Also i like playing water polo even it was my first turn. I really enjoyed Thank you.I really had fun with you Nichole and Matt.You made up a cool game that i enjoyed doing.

I will like to give a big thanks to Chris, Matt, Alice, Stacey , Nichole, Ben.I really enjoyed having fun with you and Chris swimming pool. THANKS GUYS. .

Monday, November 29, 2010

Drawing our imagination Bug.

What a awesome day! That we had last week. Using bright colour, dye and glue. I sketched my work so i knew what i was going to draw. My imagination was to draw a butterfly with colourful bright colours. As i finished my paper was dirty, so i cut it out and glued on to another blank paper that was cleaned. Then after that i got to dye my butterfly. When it was finished my picture was bright. Rm14 was excited at making these new bugs that our fabulous teacher had taught us how to draw it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turuhira Scorpion

Scorpions narrow curved tail paralysed its victim in 5 minutes.
They are vicious when they are angry at there enemy. Female Scorpions kill Male Scorpions doesn't listen she gets angry and kills him.

Defending and fighting the Scorpion injects venom to paralyse it's victim.Scorpions only sucks the prey's blood-like a soup. Then eats it with its soup like a tongue.There skeleton is on the outside witch is called like a Exoskeleton.
Did you know that poisonous scorpions can paralyse it's victim in 5 minutes by it's narrow curved tail.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Mornarch Butterfly

During the night, a mother butterfly lays an egg. One sunny day the egg hatched. Out came a caterpillar, it look for its food.

The caterpillar was so hungry that it went off looking for food. The caterpillar eats milk weed leaves until it gets fat. It makes a chrysalis , where it will take two weeks to transform into a butterfly. Suddenly the monarch butterfly hatches out.

The monarch butterfly takes several hours until its wings are dry. Finally the butterfly is now free. It eats nectar from flowers. As it ate lots of milk weed as a caterpillar it contains poison in its abdomen. So whenever the Predator eats the butterfly it spits it out, because of the poison.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Turantula story

Tarantula's pounce to catch their prey as they patrol through the jungle. It lies in wait until creature comes it pounce for it prey and strike with it razor sharp fangs. A powerful hunter patrols through the forest, wait and lurks for an unexpected strike.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Honey Bee

Zigzagging and dodging , from one flower to the next, honey bees flit their wings to collect precious nectar. Each bee appears out of control, as they buzz their wings side to side. Valuable nectar is sucked up through the bees tongue and turned into honey or eaten later, back at the hive.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Milo Rugby Skill

What excitement Auckland rugby union and even some of the Auckland rugby team came to Pt England to teach us some skills. First the guys had to introduced themselves to us so that we would know who they were. After we had met these famous players, we had to go in one line so we could get our milo. When it came to my turn, I thought that the milo would be warm, but it was cold. However the milo still tasted cold and delicious.
While room 14 set of to do some skills.We met a man called miracle, he got us doing relays. We had to run to one cone and do five star jumps, zigzag through some poles, then do five push ups. The next skill relay was to run around the cone two times, zigzag through the poles and run around the cone two times again. After that I felt exhausted also room14.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Having fun at the Disco

At lunchtime on Friday, we had a disco, to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. I was so excited and everybody else was as well. We chased each other and we were paying around, so we got told off by the teachers. As we gatherd around trying to make a circle, we were going to see who had the best pirate costume. I was cheering for the best pirate costume. Then as our fravouite song came up we jumped up and down, waving our hands in the air. I got so hot and sweaty. I screamed and danced. Over beside me I could see lots of people screaming, dancing their guts out and waving their hands in the air. Sadly, April said, "This is the last song for today". Everybody felt stink.. As the song finished we shouted Thank you year sevens.
This was my favourite disco by far.

Talk Like a Pirate Day.

On Friday we are going to talk like a pirate. We are also going to put a disco on.I am a bit nervous, because we have to talk like a pirate. I don't know how to talk like a pirate, only my other friends can talk like a pirate. I am not that brave at even trying to talk like a pirate. Everybody is excited about going to the disco more than having to talk like a pirate.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Holiday Story

In the holidays I was so excited to be going to Ten pin bowling. When we were there I couldn't wait to get out of the car. I quickly ran into Ten pin bowling beating my mum inside. Waiting for my mum was so hard because there was so many games that I wanted to play on. As my mum came in she gave me some tokens to play Deal or no Deal and I got some tickets for winning.

Finally once I had finished at Ten pin bowling. We went to go and eat Burger King for dinner.
I had the best Holiday by far.

Cross country Story

Nervously waiting on the hard concrete. I challenged myself to beat my mates at today's cross country. As i was sprinting I huffed and puffed trying to beat Osana. I could feel the cold and rough wind blow through my hair. After the race i felt exhausted and ready to have a rest but i also felt happy that it was over.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jesse Martin Circumnavigating the World

Jesse Martin was a young man who was pushed to the limit, as he circumnavigated the world. With determination and perseverance he battled against the odds. Unfailing courage and bravery, saw Jesse achieve his dream of sailing around the world.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ferdinand Magellan Story

In 1480 Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal . As Spain and Portugal was fighting, In 1494 Pope Alexander Said "Portuguese can have this land on the east and Spain can have this land on the west". But the Spainish couldn't go to India So they needed a new trade route.When Ferdinand came along he asked the king "for some money,a crew and a boat. In 1519 Ferdinand went on his boat and sailed of to find a new route trade. Magellan Reached a little City called Chillie and Argentina there river was very icy and cold then he called it a strait.It took three years until he reached the Philipines and he had a war with the Philipines, but actually he lost. Thankfully his boat called victory and his crew made it back and they told the king of Spain all about their voyage and how Magellan died against a fight with the Philipines.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trip to the Maritime Museum

The icy-wind was biting my face as gale force winds blew the Ted Ashby boat along. My hair was in my face as the weather was cold. As we reached the Harbour bridge I could feel the breeze rushing down. Heaving and struggling, we pulled the sheet to lift up the sail.

Our Pirate Wordle - July 26 2010

These words are from pirate stories that we wrote in our books. We then wrote it in to google doc and then we copied the words into Wordle. The better words that we used were pirate, golden and wears.
by Caroline, Eleva, Turuhira

The Eruption of Mt Tapu - July 1 2010

When we first started art I was excited. My group wasn't good at working together as a team. It was hard to work as a team, We never listened to each others conversations about our volcano. I think we learnt more about making our volcano erupt. When it was time to erupt I couldn't wait because that is what I'd been waiting for. Next time I want my team to work together and help everyone in our team. Our writing was good but we made it too long for our movie, We need to speak fast and put some more interesting detail included.

R.I.P Michael Jackson - June 25 2010

by  Eleva, Jessica, Sesalina, Turuhira

Rainy Day - June 3 2010

Thundering stormy rain bucketed down from the grey sky. As it fell it made a loud noise like an earthquake. Incessantly the rain poured from the sky in a deluge and made a big puddle. The rain interrupted our singing, as it hailed down.

Active Earth

I have been learning how to make my people run in my animation stack.
I learnt how to make my volcano explode with ash, lava and rocks pouring down from the crater.
I hope you enjoy watching my movie.It was so much fun making it. It was a bit hard making my animation but I tried my hardest to finish it in time to go on PeNN and School TV.

Iron Brion - May 6 2010

On Wednesday after morning tea the seniors and juniors went to assembly. It was funny when Eddy danced to the song. When Iron Brion came out we were screaming. We learnt so much about different kinds of iron.

We learnt that meat can be lamb or beef. Dis you know that hamburger is a healthy food? When we danced with Iron Brion I was nervous when we danced on stage.  

 When the beef team went up first we shouted and did iron muscle moves. When the other team went up we were so excited to see the other team. Now it was time to chose the winner and Iron thought about it. It was our team! We screamed and shouted "horray" . Finally we had a fresh delicious hambuger.

Volcano - April 22 2010

On Monday Morning Miss King gave out balloons to room 14. I was struggling, huffing and puffing as my balloon expanded and my face went red like I might explode. Room 14's balloons popped like lava coming out of a volcano.
Magma heats up inside the magma chamber and there is too much pressure and it is released like air the in a ballon. Magma, smoke, gas and ash spew out of the volcano as it erupts.
Click here to see the movie.

Do the Right Thing - March 31 2010

by Eleva, Osana, Turuhira

Favourite thing at Camp - March 23 2010

Stretching my legs I skated around the circle.It was hard work as my feet melted in the roller blades.When I skated I slipped over and nearly donked my head on to the ground. When we played limbo I felt very excited so I skated as fast as I could. As I bent down it looked like I was relaxing.

Camp Thoughts - March 16 2010

Year 5 is our first year of camp. We are all so excited about what is in store for us this week. Stay tuned to catch some stories and pictures as we enjoy ourselves over the next couple of days.

Picnic Karaoke Fun - March 3 2010

Heremaia, Turuhira and Onosai really enjoyed breaking out of character and getting up in front of the whole school and loads of parents to perform some karaoke at our recent school picnic. Way to go Heremaia, Turuhira and Onosai. You guys ROCKED!

Waka Adventure Animation - February 20 2010

I have been learning about the treacherous journey the Maori made to reach New Zealand over 700 years ago. I have used Hyperstudio to make this animation showing you what I have learnt.

How can I be a great Pt Englander?

Turuhira thought carefully about how she can be a great Pt Englander.
Watch her movie to hear her thoughts.

February in Room 14 2010

Welcome to Room 14 Turuhira.
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