Friday, September 30, 2011

Aussie Rules

Sitting on the muddy grass we had two coaches for Aussie Rules there names were called Megan and Melissa. First  we had to get in a group of 2, Zion and me were Partners. First our skills were Hand pass and it is so simple. All you have to do is get a rugby ball and pretend that you have a cone in your hand. If you have that already then you hit your hand in the curves and than it will fly straight. Our Next skill is when we had to do a Drop Punt and this is a very simple skill. You drop the ball on your leg with the X facing it. Then it will go to your partner instead of hitting it to the side.

We had two Training Activity’s which is Ninja elbows and Ninja Knees. It was so hilarious when Lola was trying to get Andrea so she can hit her Knees. This is the most fun Activity ever! Hitting each others Knees was so funny.

Playing a game of baseball but with a football was so excited. I kicked the ball but then one person in the other team catched the ball then I got out. But still my team won. Aussie rules is so fun to play. It has different skills and games to play.


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