Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Holiday

Wow! My favourite thing about my holiday? Is when I went to spend the Christmas with my dad, in Tokoroa. It was a long trip to go to my dads house.

The first thing that we were going to do was to drop of my auntie to edgecumbe were my aunty Joe live with her children. As we got there I was excited to see my aunty and cousin it was my first time. I was playing on the X Box 360 while my dad and my stepmother was talking to my auntie Joe.

It was going late, so we went to my nana's and Uncle's house. But first we had to get us dinner because we were starving like a pig. As we finished we had to clean up.I was tired so Me, my dad, my stepmother and my little sister and brother went to sleep.

The next day we went to tokoroa to my dad house. We went over Hills through tunnels and going around circles. When we got there it was a big house. But lots of rubbish. It had a big background and a big shade. Inside was 4 bedroom.

The next day it was Christmas. Until I opened my eye my brother was opening his presents while we were a sleep. For Christmas I got a MP3 player, a phone and 100 dollars , I was excited and happy.
For dinner we had drinks, meat, hot chips, lollies and gravy.

Until it came to desert I was already full. My stomach was full of food. When the cake came out i could smell the cake it smelt like choclate so i ran trying to beat me litte sister and brother. I was the first person to sit on the table.

When it came to new years I had to go back home. It was a long way as well and my brother and sister were Annoying. So I went to sleep. When I woke up we were nearly there I was so hungry so we went to buy us a feed. We had Burger king.

As we got there my mum wasn't there she was gone. So we went to my cousins. When we were in Glenn Innes I saw them they were going to my aunty's house. Then it was going dark so we went to my house and my mum was there. Then my dad had to go I said "Bye dad", and he said "bye". This was the best holiday!!

Superhero Girl

Hi my name is Superhero Girl. I have super strength that makes people happy. My mum told me that I was a superhero. I was excited! I dreamed to be a superhero it was all I wished for. My Mum gave her strength to me because she was getting too old. I love my costume I wear stockings, t-shirt and boots. People think I'm evil but I'm not. I'm good just like my mum.

My villain is Volcano boy and I have to put him in my secret jail place with all the bad people. I am 10 years old and I go to Point England. I have learned my super powers fast. While I was doing my homework I heard a stupendous bang and I also heard people yelling ‘Superhero girl HELP!” I was frightened that my people were hurt. I got up and spun to change into my costume. I went outside and it was Volcano boy. He always picks on us and he said ‘’I am going to destroy this planet and it would mine forever," then he laughed weakly.

So then the battle began. We were the most powerful superhero’s on earth. We fought and fought. Until I took a big fist to volcano boy and he fall onto the ground. I told all the people to hold on to me because he was going to blow up. Then “BOOM” the people were frightened.

From that day on we lived forever and no troubles came and families were happy.