Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Dinosaur Story

Million Years ago in Dinosaur world was a Dinosaur called Brachiosaurus who had a baby, it was a beautiful girl. Brachiosaurus was a stegosaurus that was huge, it lived about 145 to 150 million years ago. Brachiosaurus lives were hard, even with her family. She lived in the forest with a million other Dinosaurs. She had plates and armour which protects her and her family. As she was getting older and her baby was getting bigger. Her mum died when her baby was a ten year old. Her name was Dilophosaurus as she was sixteen she find her own house in wellington with her dad.

One hot sunny day when Dilophosaurus went out shopping people were scared of her she wondered to her self why am I so scary. Until she heard ahhhhhhh it’s a Dinosaur a real Dinosaur she looked at herself ‘oh’ I said ‘I am a Dinosaur’. As people were screaming their lungs out a loud voice was heard I looked out and it was big. She got her phone and rang her dad, when her dad picked up the phone they started talking on the phone. She was talking fast so her dad didn’t understand and her dad asked to “slow down her voice”, and she said ‘THERE IS SOMETHING BIG AND HUMONGOUS’, Then her dad said ‘I am coming hold up’ then he ran and hanged up the phone. Dilophosaurus was shocked and nearly had a hard-attack. As her dad was here the fight started.

As they were fighting Dilophosaurus dad who was called Allosaurus started pumping blood in his Armor and plates witch was beaming. With a whack the T-Rex went to the floor so hard. After that Dilophosaurus was on her way leaving she was starving all she ate was water and leaves she was a vegetarian. As she said to her self wow that was a big and exhausted day for me. As her dad came in he came in with a big smile.


Miss G said...

Well done Rachel, very informative in a creative way. I really enjoyed reading your story.
Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Miss G

Turuhira W-K said...

Hi my name is Turuhira and I am not rachel.