Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Summary about Monarch Butterflies

Colourful Monarch Butterflies are the most beautiful insects in New Zealand. They were first discovered in Australia in 1871 and also found in New Zealand in the 1800. Monarch Butterflies can migrate up to 2,500 miles so they can get out of cold weather’s.  

Female monarch butterflies can lay one hundred eggs on one plant. Caterpillars drink milkweed to help them live and hatch out of their cocoons to turn into a beautiful Monarch butterfly. Monarch has 4 stages in their life cycle but most people think they have two. Butterflies start out as a egg (caterpillar), then hatch into larvae (a caterpillar), and then wrap up in the cocoon, and then they go through the metamorphosis into a butterfly while they are in the cocoon.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The end of the year Reflection

Being a year 7 was great! Having a chance to use netbooks instead of book and pencils. What I really enjoyed this year was to spend time with my friends, and also with my teacher Mr Harris while editing my stories. I love room 19 because mostly everyone I know is kind and funny!


What I am expecting on 2013

When I become a year 8 , I would do as many sports I can achieve in. I would also listen and respect my new teacher at Point England School. So when I go to collage I am ready to learn. At Point England if I had a chance to change the school I would, by cooperating with my friends.

I would love to be a leader to show that I could be a awesome leadership and work as a team!

2013 is the last year and I'm on my way to collage!!

Telecom Christmas Tree lightning

Some kids from our school had the opportunity to go to the Christmas telecom tree lightning!  We got to bring our Parents with us, I came with my mum and dad.

My Most favourite was when we saw TITANIUM!! I was so happy, that I asked if I could have there autograph's. I also got to hug most of them, it put a big smile on my face!

I also would like to give a big thank you to Karyn and Courtney for letting us have fun at the Christmas Tree Lightning!!