Monday, November 7, 2011


I was at home just looking outside when suddenly I heard a Stupendous bang. Fireworks lid up the sky. There were bright, light, and colorful colors all around New Zealand. "Wow" I sighed, I could not believe my eyes. Then when I saw my cousin come outside I went down the road. When he lid a firework One hit a car across the road, One went flying down the road. My cousin and me were laughing. It was so cold outside that I wore 2 jackets I couldn't stop shivering.

Shivering outside in the cold I saw Fireworks from far away. This was like a show from a carnival. As I was still shivering I went back inside and got a sparkle and it was sparkling. I could write my name, draw and dig it in the ground. Now it was time to go back inside and rest for another big day.

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Roshawnda Thompson's EDM310 class blog said...

Hi Turuhira
Your post is great. Keep up the good work. :)