Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rippa Rugby Tournament

On a exciting day we were getting change for our tournament game I was excited about this tournament. As we were getting change most of the girls were so happy to play. In my head I was nervous and shaking. Me and my friends got changed than went out to play a game of masters (A netball game). All the rugby boys were running around getting hot so when they walk they don't get cold. Finally we had to get ready to walk down to Dunkirk. We had to sit in the breeze waiting for our coaches. First we had to call the roll to make sure everyone was here. After the roll we all had to line up in our teams to know that we were organized and set ready to go down to Dunkirk. Now we all had to go down to Dunkirk.

All of us were set to go down. We walked all the way down to Dunkirk. We crossed roads carefully. Saw dogs on the way, saw beautiful houses even Mr Burt's house it was lovely and we saw his boat as-well. Me and my friend Laita were talking on the way to Dunkirk She said that she was excited to play on our first game. Finally we were there we got told to take our shoes of because we were playing in bare feet.

Than our first game began and most of the girls were so nervous but we knew we were going to beat Bailey Rd because we believed in our selfs. Suddenly the game began. We dogged and step-side the girls in Bailey Rd and scored a try. We twisted and turned to get a score and used our targets. After a while we had another Try. Our school won 7 points and Bailey Rd scored one so we won by many points. As our game was finished we were all happy that we won our first game. So we had a Break for a minute.

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