Friday, March 11, 2011

Spongebob Is Cool.

Sponge-bob Is a very fun program to watch after school. Every time I come Home after school my cousin watches it all the time. She thinks it is funny I think it is too. I always run home after school to watch it. Do you like it? Well I do as-well. I think that Sponge-Bob is real because I see him on t.v sometimes.

My second is Simpson I watch it after my homework every-time it comes on. When it is finished I have to go to bed. I use to watch it Last year on Channel 3. It use to come on at 5.00 o'clock After the news.

These are my Favorite So Far. This is a Wordle that I made about Sponge-bob.

If you want to use create you a Wordle you can Click Here

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