Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Immersion Assembly Term 4 Week 1

This term Topic is OUTTA THIS WORLD! Another Day at school. I was excited to watch my teacher do his part. I was also excited to be back at school. On the first day I hugged all my first friends and said Hi.

Now it was time for team 4 to perform. As they were walking on stage the whole school was laughing because Mr Somerville and Mr Marks were dressed up as girls and looked like ballerinas. My friends and Me knew that they were talking about the stars. So they were singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from The Wiggles. I wanted to know about each planets from Mercury to Neptune.

In the Immersion Assembly I learned how astronauts go to the toilet and how they have dinner when they are in space. This was a funny topic that we are learning this term. This Term I am trying to behave for my teacher and Visitors. My goal for this year is improving my writing and not being slack on my work. Last but not lease I just wanna say THAT THE ALL BLACKS ARE OUR CHAMPIONS!

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