Monday, November 14, 2011

My Review about Kawau Island

I can’t wait to go to Kawau Island it’s going to be awesome. I am going to be packing my bag with lollies, biscuit and my packed lunch.  I feel really excited and I think it’s going to be fun.

Camp Benzon is where we go camping in Kawau Island and Kawua Island has different Native Species. We are travelling by a fairy and I haven’t been on a fairy before.  

Camp benzon is a very cool place because we get to see Wallabies. There are also cool trees called Kanuka, Manuka and Pohutukawa most native trees. We could look at different native things in Kawau Island.

I’m looking forward to travel in a fairy and play some most awesome activity’s. Because this is my first time to kawau Island with my friends and Helpers. I think that It would be a lot of fun doing my Favorite activity’s.

My challenge is facing people and being confident when I sing a song or Present our concert. I have another challenge as-well it’s facing the world alone and trying my best.

My conclusion is getting there and having fun with my friends and Teachers.

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