Thursday, June 16, 2011

Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy is a movie that we watched in Room 17.
The characters in this movie are Partly Cloudy and a Stork that worked with him. This movie was set high up above in the clouds. It all started when lots of Storks were holding bags and when they open it out comes a Baby, Kittens and Dogs. The main action in this story is when the cloud makes sea babies but they are mean to the Stork. The Stork was always getting hurt by each dangerous animals that Partly Cloudy makes. When the story was about to end Stork went away from him and he got angry so Lightning came out of his cloud and he looked at the Stork he started to cry but when The Stork came he stopped crying. When The Stork opened the bag it was a Baseball Helmet and a Baseball Suit and the cloud was so happy. Partly Cloudy made an EEL and it shocked The Stork but he Didn't care. My Rating for this story is 10/10. I rate this rating because it was amazing and funny.
Click on the Picture of the Cloud.

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