Friday, September 16, 2011

Opening Ceremony

Waiting Anxiously for the Opening Ceremony to start I was excited. Thousand and Thousands people were there. As I was watching I was thinking about my favorite highlight. Here is some Highlights that I like in the Opening Ceremony. 

My First favorite highlight is a lady who was singing in her best voice. The song made me proud and she looked like she has been practicing for a long time. Ladies and Men were dancing. When it was finished I saw a ugly face of a Maori man doing the Pukana. “ This is my favorite part” I said to my brother.  The lady was singing in her best voice. I loved to sing the song on the opening ceremony. 

My second favorite highlight in the Opening Ceremony is when the fireworks was lightning the sky. Colorful fireworks everywhere it feels like I want to watch the fireworks forever. The fireworks nearly made me cry because this was the most improve show I ever saw in New Zealand. Fireworks was coming from the city and  Buildings. Big, Massive, lightning and colorful fireworks were all around town. “Wow!” I said to myself. Me and my brother were watching Television on Maori Channel. All Nations came from all around the world to watch the RWC and watch there Rugby Team. I really love the fireworks when they Lightened the sky like Lightning.

My Third highlight is when we got to watch the Rugby Game. All Blacks vs Tonga. Me and My Family was Cheering for the All Blacks team. I would always cheer if the All Blacks score a try. First game was very hard because I didn’t know what was going on. I am not that Interested in Rugby games. When it comes on my mum changes it when I am watching a movie. If that was me playing a game I would be Nervous because it might be my first game standing in front of thousands and thousands people. Suddenly when the All Blacks scored a try I Jumped up and down on my bed. Well I wasn’t actually jumping on my bed I was jumping on a mattress. After Jumping I sat down and watched T.V I nearly fell asleep but I promised to myself that I would stay a wake. Then the All Blacks scored another try I could see that the crowd was going wild just like me. As I was watching T.V I fell asleep. The Next Morning I woke up and said to my brother “who won” and he replied saying “The All Blacks”. So then I started to run around the house and jumping up and down.


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