Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Visiting Horald

We have 3 weeks to visit the life education, our class had the opportunity to visit a new lady Angela, she was a new training guest.
Firstly we had to sit in 4 rows, going inside was extremely cool. 

My Favorite highlight was Making Choices, Thinking about influences on smoking, which side we would choose, Negative or Positive. We’ll I would always think positive and be Assertive not Passive or Aggressive. This had made me happy, so I know that when someone ask me do you want a smoke I would answer “no I won’t and guess what you are ruining your body”.

My second favorite highlight is how drugs can effect our lives. All I need to know is that drugs are very dangerous. I would not take one because I would ruin my body. This is a big time to be thinking should I really smoke or remember ‘no’ it can destroy my life.

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