Monday, August 20, 2012

An Awesome Experience

On Friday we had Cross Country at Point England School. Our whole school were in their ages and all gathered up out in the court next to the big field. We had different colours Te Arawa (red), Tainui (blue), Mataatua (green) and lastly Takitimu (yellow). My team was Te Arawa and our two captains Matthew and Awina. Firstly we had team cheers for all ages from 1-10, now it was the 11 year old students.

Starting at the line of cross country, we had to listen to Mr Burt for some instructions. But there was one thing, only little children from older children can only compete. With a Stupendous bang, we were off it was really muddy and some of us were unbalance, foot prints were everywhere on the field. Squishy, Squish, Squish went our foot deeply going in the muddy grass. My shoes was already 


Now it was time to run on the Point England Reserve teaches were there a little support from them made me happy and telling me I could do it even if I was tired. I ran through corners and now it was time to run through the bushes. It was a challenge for me and I couldn’t even feel my foot when I went over the bridge. As I was going through the bushes I knew that I was halfway to the end of this exhausting track. Looking everywhere people were sprinting to the end and finally relaxing. I ran and ran until I stopped, my legs were aching and I could not run. Suddenly Mrs Ouano supported me and so I ran also Mrs Langitupu and Mrs King. I was finally at the end with an achievement of fourth place usually I will always be behind and not run.

After the event we watched a clip on YouTube called People are Awesome. It was very amazing and fascinating.
Thank you Dakota for reading and editing my story!

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