Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh is a famous artist, in Paris.

He was born 1853 30 March. He was a man that had a bad childhoood, As a child, Vincent was serious, silent and thoughtful. He was a son of a pastor, and was brought up as a  Van Gogh religious, he returned to England for unpaid work as a supply teacher in a small boarding school, overlooking the harbour in Ramsgate, where he made sketches of the viewSelf-taught he looked at nineteenth century drawing manuals and lessons books. In 1882, he moved from his parents home in Etten to the Hague, where he received some formal instruction from his cousin, Anton Mauve, a leading Hague School artist. That same year, he executed his first independent works in water-colour and ventured into oil painting.
He was a Dutch Post Impressionism painter. His painting had good influence because of it's emotional colours. He suffered of a mental illness and officially cut his ear of  and died at a age of 37.

When he died his painting today are still famous he painted 2,000 artworks and sketched 900 artworks. He began drawing in 1885 he painted his first important work 'The Potato Eaters'. 

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