Monday, March 19, 2012

My Reflection About Camp 2012

What a wonderful day! It was my 2nd time having camp at school. Rising up getting ready for camp I was so excited. Packing my bag it was so heavy, filled with clothes. "I love Camp at school".

Old Skool Games
Sitting in the hall waiting for Mr Harris we were so excited. There were so many different games to play. My favorite was captain on Deck, it was so entertaining that I really wanted to play it over and over again. It was also frustrating because we had to do it quickly. Our pirate captain was Mr Harris. DING the bell rang it was morning tea, next rotation.

Amazing Race
Striving to Succeed in Amazing Race it was so entertaining I didn’t want to stop. I was so excited at doing the race. We started by making a Sling Shot, we needed a big tube, papers to and a string so we can tie the rubber together with the string. When we finished we had to do a race against some other teams. We had to run down Point England Beach and find some woods to make a fire so we can cook some eggs. Next we ran to the YMCA pools to get an egg, than ran down to the office to get some matches to light the fire. Next was we had to run on the reserve and find a container. My favorite was when we had to run everywhere and boy was it tirering.

Box Fit
Box Fit is a lot of work we did exercise and it was a lot of work. I love boxing but not running, we had to run up and down 3 times. Than next we did some combos for boxing. It was fun Dante and Me were playing around. We got in trouble about 5 times for playing around and hitting each there with the boxing gloves. My Highlight was when we got to do some awesome combos and to have fun.

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