Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Netball is a game of Team work and skills. We went out for a game of Netball on a hot and shinny day. My Favourite skill is Mid air it is funny as you do it but when you get along with it’s not so bad. Mid air is a skill all you do is Run than leap and one person will throw the ball at you. Working as a team on a court called Team Work friends help you play netball and you also could do some drills and Practice.

Finally it was time for a game of netball but this was different we had to get in a group of three. I was Sweating, It made me wet and icky “Yuck” I said. Also I was Exhausted at the same time I was hydrated and tired.

This was a difficulty game and was hard-work. Then Helen passed the ball to me, But I lost the ball because the year 8 defended me and took the ball. They were too hard so they scored the ball. We’ll as we played through they won and we were the losers. At Lease we tried our best.

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