Thursday, October 18, 2012


Across the big town riding on my skateboard. I was finally at the skate park , on a nice sunny day. I could hear people voices and so I followed the voices. The strangers led me to tgis enormous pipe.

I was swifting along on my skate board when someone yelled “HELP”! The boys name was sam, his face had been scratched along the hard concrete. I ran through town asking for help, this stranger came with me and rang the ambulance.

I went with sam to the hospital and he told me his parents number. As I rang they were devastated when I told them the news. His parents came straight away, I was waiting for them and they were finally here. They went straight in and was really subdued when they looked at Sam. They were very pleased when I rang them straight, so they gave me a reward of $50.00.
I went home with a big smile!

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