Friday, September 7, 2012


Smoking can cause a lot of danger and disease. One reason is that you can have bad cancer.  Once you start smoking for the first time you can really get addicted.

The Influences between smoking is that it can affect your bodies. Such as your lungs, heart egc. Nicotine has a bad influence in smoking, or a reason nicotine is in smokes and the nicotine inside is affecting the organs in your body, which can be very difficult to control your body even your brain.

Tobacco AKA (as known as) cigarette or smokes can be dangerous. When you smoke you can have a chance that can cause up to 90% lung cancer in males, a 80% lung cancer in females who smokes. Smokes has bad bacteria and chemicals. I have learn that if I smoke I could have a chance of dieing.

My Opinion is that you should stop smoking and save some money for something you really need in your life.

Thank you Hosannah for reading my story!

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