Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Netball is a famous sport to girls but the main thing that's tiring is exercise. Rugby is my second favorite sport it’s so famous that we also won the world cup!!!!!  

Netball is a great sport for girls, I love it because we get to have fun. It is a ball sport between each team, it only has seven players on the court for each team. The coach would only allowed the players to hold the ball for three seconds before passing or shooting a goal. Netball games are only 60 minutes long so this sport is a lot of exercise.

Rugby is based on running with the ball in hand and passing to the player in your team. It is also a tiring sport that contains exercise and a lot of training. First we have to practice, practice, practice then it’s perfect. It was created by a special man William Webb Ellis.

Volley-ball is a fun sport.Volleyball is used with a net, and a ball. It is a big sport that is half a court. I love people playing and it is also a funny game.!

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