Monday, December 16, 2013

Thank you for presents

Seeing heaps of sacks full of presents coming into the hall was exciting. My eyes couldn't stop thinking what could be inside the wrap. Shaking it carefully I could hear heaps of stuff inside making noises. I couldn't wait to take it home and open it. Everybody around me were suspicious what they had inside the wrap. So when I got home I ripped my wrap open and inside was a Decorative Birthday Card.

Thank you to the Variety Club , Motat, Johnson and Johnson. I appreciate what you got for me and I really enjoyed it very much. I will always cherish it and treasure it so that I remember you!


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PES Blogs Administrator said...

Kia ora Turuhira, I hope your year has started well at tamaki College. I am vey pleased that Mr Dunn is opening up your blog so you can keep sharing with us. You can log in with your old email OR accept the invitation to your new email.

If you get stuck email me.

I look forward to seeing how you update your blog.

Mrs Burt