Monday, December 9, 2013

Camp Happiness

Putting our bags on the bus ready to go I knew that it will be a long drive so I put my self in place and we were finally off. Feeling excited I couldn’t wait to get there. During the way when we were all in our seats it really smelt disgusting. Looking out through the window the views were amazing. Also eating on the bus was cool.

My first highlight was going to my cabin and settling down. Also seeing all the other kids from other schools was quite surprising. Running to the playground and playing on the swings while laughing at people. On the side of the playground was a small play house it was wobbly and was out of space when I first went in. It was a bit to small for me so I went out and saw people playing on the field laughing and having fun, today was the first day I could ever be happy.

My second highlight was going on the Luge Ride and going on the skyline. The skyline was cool because the view was nice. When I went down on the Luge was hard to control. The luge ride was going super fast and was scary because I nearly crashed into Sesalina. But the funny part was when the lane got more skinnier and the luges were bumping onto the curves and was a bit annoying. Then going up on the chairlift was cool but it was a bit scary whenever it stopped.

But at the end of the day of camp was sad. Everyone didn’t want to go back to school but we had no choice. Thank you Keswick Christian Camp for you lovely food and for letting us have a nice 3 days. THANK YOU KESWICK CHRISTIAN CAMP!

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