Friday, December 13, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson had sadly past away on the 6th December Friday 2013. When Nelson passed away it was a sad day for everyone.

Nelson Mandela was first brought up in a land of sheep and cattle. Nelson was a young man who had many dreams ahead of them, Nelsons catch was "I was born to be free.” Before he was being called Nelson, his name real name was Rolihlahla. But his teacher Miss Mtgine wanted a christian name for him because each student had to have a christian name. After Nelson had finished a conversation with his teacher, his teacher decided to name him ‘Nelson.’

When Nelson was older he achevied his law studies, and had joined the African National Congress (ANC). Nelson Mandela said that the ANC’s task was to unite and build a nation out of the people in South Africa. When South Africa had a new government he was a white man and he never shared the land equally between the South Africans. All the europeans were taking over the land. So this was when Nelson Mandela stood up for himseld and protested peacefully. But all the government did was kill them and through them to prison.

Nelson Mandela was one of those people who was locked in prison for 27 years for refusing the pro-apartheid government. After Nelson was set free, he worked to achieve human rights. Nelson became the First Black President in South Africa. Meaning for all people of South Africa to have freedom for a good future. He was born in 1918 and had spent time in prison from 1962-1990. Now Nelson Mandela will always be in our hearts. Nelson was a big inspiration person to mostly everyone.

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