Friday, November 1, 2013

The dolphin Tale

“Hahahaha, look at that whale” giggled Wallie. The whale turned it’s face and gave a fierce look. There were rocks beside Wallie so Wallie and his friends began throwing rocks at the whale. “This is boring I want to go, come guys lets go” said Wallies friend. “Don’t go we're having fun here” replied Wallie. “Hahahahahaha, this is not fun” teased wallies friend and off they went giggling at Wallie. “We’ll I’ll show you fun” pressured Wallie as he threw the last rock at the whale. Wallie got closer to the whale and was teasing him.

The whale was angry at the dolphin and ate him in one gobble. Wallie was scared, he cried and cried asking for help but no-one could hear him. Wallie was sad. Then wallie had a plan. He bumped into the whale’s stomach. “Stop, bumping into my stomach you might make me vomit!” the whale demanded. Wallie had a great idea “If I keep on hitting him he will vomit and then I will be set free” Wallie thought to himself. Wallie kept on smashing into the whale’s stomach until he saw food coming out and wallie swam away. “You shouldn’t have done that! Now you have really pushed my buttons!” the whale angrily said.

Zig-zagging and dodging, Wallie was scared so he swam as fast as he could but everytime he looked back, the whale would be there. Wallie was puffed out and he was nearly there. He ran straight  to his owner and the whale was coming down at a fast pace. “Come on, lets go” determined the princess. “Where are we going” asked Wallie. “We’re going to  the king, my dad” replied the princess in a scared voice. The princess mermaid and Wallie swam all the way to the king while the whale was chasing them.

“STOP” said the king “What’s Happening?”. Wallie and the princess we’re talking so fast the king didn't understand what they were saying. “Take a deep breath and tell me now” the king was getting angry. “A WHALE IS CHASING US” yelled Wallie and the princess. The whale was here and the king went out they were talking. Wallie and the princess heard mumbling but they didn’t understand them that much. The king was angry and yelled “WALLIE COME HERE NOW”. “Good luck” whispered the princess. “Say Sorry, now wallie” demanded the king. “I am sorry for being mean and annoying to you, I won’t do it again, I hope you will forgive me” Wallie apologized. “Next Time you should not do that again and i will forgive you” the whale answered.

Wallie went inside and the king said “You know if you have trouble with your friends you don’t take it out on someone else”, “You saw me right” asked Wallie. “I sure did and you have many other friends welcomed to you” the king said. Wallie walked off in a sad face, he thought to himself ‘I will never be mean or hurt other people and make trouble’. Wallie snuggled under his sheets resting his head for another adventure the next day.

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