Monday, October 21, 2013

Turuhira Thanksgiving Story

In 1863 the first thanksgiving was celebrated on the 26th November. Pilgrims and American Indians was the first people to celebrate thanksgiving day. There president in the U.S on 1863 was Abraham Lincoln who thought of celebrating the event. Thanksgiving is a popular event in the U.S, people love to celebrate this kind of event.

This year different countries who are popular with this historical event are celebrating thanksgiving in the U.S in Canada and in Liberian. 2013 date for the united states would be on November 28. In Canada thanksgiving was celebrated in October 14th November 2013. Liberian celebrate thanksgiving in November 7th 2013.

Liberians, Canada and U.S loves to celebrate Thanksgiving because it was very popular. Liberians celebrated the event back in the days also Canada and U.S also did. Thanksgiving is celebrated to give thanks to God and Americans for freeing the slaves and granting them Liberia in Africa to live as free men. Thanksgiving is also an opportunity for Liberians to recognize the good things that life has to offer them, even though the country has been troubled by internal conflicts.

The origins of Canadian Thanksgiving are more closely connected to the traditions of Europe than of the United States. Long before Europeans settled in North America, festivals of thanks and celebrations of harvest took place in Europe in the month of October. The very first Thanksgiving celebration in North America took place in Canada .

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