Friday, November 15, 2013

Inspiring Person - Mosa Mafileo

Meeting new inspiring people who might make me change into a real person was cool. But what made me really interested was listening to Mosa Mafileo speak to all the year 8’s gave me an inspiring person and what I really want to become. He was funny at the same time but was very well educated as an impolitic, he also works with Len Brown. One day he said to us that he would love to become the Pasifik Board Of Trustees leader to help all islanders who are suffering out there. The way that Mosa talked to us he really wanted to get us out there and wanted us to be leaders. But what Mosa said really made me happy he said ‘to get your dream you have to catch it’ and that was my plan when I go to college next year.

My dream is to become a really good fashion designer. But what I really need to work hard on is to keep listening and not to get bored of teachers, when they are trying to help us through life. I want to experience what it would be like if my designer clothes could go on magazine and in very special shops. I want to design for famous people and for myself.
‘I want to catch my dream and turn it into reality’.

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