Monday, March 18, 2013

Dog Surfing Sentences

Dante and I made ten sentences of a dog surfing.
1) Where Am I?
2) Yesterday morning my family and I went on a scavenger hunt.
3) Across the clashing waves towards Browns Island, the dogs were surfing.
4) Carefully gliding towards shore my surf-board unfortunately broke.
5) Tiredly walking to find something to eat my body was weak.
6) Carving another surf-board my paws barely touched the wood.
7) Suddenly, jumping on the hot sand, my paws were ready to curve a new surf-board.
8) Happily celebrating the dog finished off the board and is ready to go back home.
9) "Look I can see people", he woofed.
10) Finally back where I belong and enjoying my time with my family. That was a great adventure! "MMMM FOOOD" I woofed

1 comment:

Sesalina said...

Awesome sentences I really like how the dog glided towards shore! You are a really good Story teller.

Sincerely Sesalina