Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Ladies Life With Her Beloved Paper.

Kathy was at work one day, just looking through some old newspaper. Kathy found a paper that had a black round shape circle on it. When Kathy went to try and draw around it my pencil went straight through.

So Kathy walked down to the shop and taped it on to the door. Kathy was finally in, Kathy looked around and said to herself, Wow what a treat! As Kathy was loading her bag with heaps of junk food Kathy headed straight back to the door. Something had happened, the paper had disappeared off the door, someone took it maybe or maybe it was blown from the wind. So that's when Kathy started discovering who took the black circle.

Kathy made it out of the dairy in time, enough to put some idea down for the missing paper. Finally her work had finished and now it was time to hang it up, so that people would know it's been missing, Kathy also put up a reward! It took 20 years to find it but still nothing, Kathy had been around the world but still nothing. So she came home and rested down with a nice cup of tea.

Waiting anxiously for someone to come and knock on the door. "BOOM BOOM" someone knock on the door. "Hello" she said with a smile on her face. The man replied "Ahh, yes I've heard that you have lost a piece of paper", "Oh, yes my favourite paper of all" Kathy answered. "Well I guess I have found it for you, and here you are your fine paper" exclaimed the man. "Well thank you very much" Kathy said with happiness. Kathy gave the man his reward and off he went. Kathy was so happy when she had her paper. A few years later Kathy died and Rest In Peace with her beloved paper.

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