Thursday, May 9, 2013 surprise donation

This Song (that power) was sung by two superstars name Justin Bieber and Will.I.Am. This song to me might be inspiring. I think that this song means to don’t let others bring your dreams down just go and live your life. Enjoy your life and be alive. You can also be the best you can, also help your parents and siblings (I think?).

My dream is to be anything I can achieve in and Strive to Succeed.

On Thursday may 9th 2013, Will.I.Am came to Point England School. My heart was racing and it also took my breathe away. Will.I.Am was a big inspiration to me. He also told us a story about his childhood in East Los Angeles, had a really poor childhood but now he became a very famous superstar and helped out his mum as he grew. The fabulous man kindly donated us $100.00.00 to Manaiakalani School Project, we were all surprised. It took all Point Englanders by surprised and also the other schools.  

Will.I.Am is a very inspiring person to me. Someday I would be like him!

I would love to say to a big thank you, and also for your donation.

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