Thursday, May 30, 2013

200 Words

Taliah was at her favourite restaurant called The Burger Of Death. On the side of the table was a big giant hamburger. “OMG” said Taliah , the burger was so humongous that she couldn't believe her eyes. So Taliah decided to take the burger. So she put it in her bag and vanished out the door.

The police looked at the tapes from the security camera. Suddenly they saw a little girl take the giant hamburger. Then Mark said “Hey, I know that girl she always use to come here. She told me she was just looking at the menu”.
Constable Pete asked “Do you know this little girl”, “yes I do her name is Taliah and she lives on Fourth street number 86” Mark replied.

The police ran out the door and rushed to her house. “Hello, is your daughter home we would like to take her to the courthouse”, “for what” asked Taliah’s mum. “Your daughter stole a giant hamburger from The Burger Of Death” constable Pete said.
“Sorry constable I promise I won’t do it again” Taliah said. “Of course I would and thanks for telling the truth”.

From that day on Taliah promised not to steal again.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Tailah learnt her lesson!