Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tech Recount

It was our first week of tech 2013, at Tamaki Collage. It was also the year 7's first time, we got split into three rotations. There was, Graphics, Cooking and Hard Materials  I was in Cooking with Mrs Heka, she was a great cooker.

In Mrs Heka's class we made pizza potatoes  it tasted delicious. First put some potato in the oven with the peel. Next we had to fry the tasty onion in the pan. As it browns, you put in the Mince with the onions. Mix it together until the mince is cooked, when its finished you put in the tomato paste. With the potatoes in the oven take it out, cut it in half and then scoop the potatoes in a bowl, don't through the peels, keep it! Then mash it together, when it has finished being mashed then through in the mince. Mix it together and then scoop it into the peels. When you are finished put it in the oven and also sprinkle some cheese over. Wait for ten minutes and there is you delicious pizza potatoes.

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Sesalina said...

Hello Turuhira,
Awesome writing, Pizza potato's sure sound yum. I had a lot of fun cooking with Kimberly, Elizabeth and you.
Bye Sesalina