Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swimming Thoughts

Having a great pool four term four was so awesome swimming. Sometimes the pool would be cold or warm I had a fun time. I wish we could still have the swimming pool so we don’t need to walk down to the public pool near our School.

Chris asked us if we wanted to do swimming lessons at lunchtime. I wanted to do it so I can have fun during lunchtime. I chose life surfing because I haven’t tried it out before. Once it came to Thursday I got to do Surf Life Saving I was excited. We got to ride on a Surf Life Board and ;learnt about what you do if you are drowning. So if you are drowning and you wave your hand the life guard will just wave back.S o you just paddle under the water and put your hand up and don’t panic.
Thanks Stacey and Alice I had lots of fun with you.

Also i like playing water polo even it was my first turn. I really enjoyed Thank you.I really had fun with you Nichole and Matt.You made up a cool game that i enjoyed doing.

I will like to give a big thanks to Chris, Matt, Alice, Stacey , Nichole, Ben.I really enjoyed having fun with you and Chris swimming pool. THANKS GUYS. .

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